DVC Crossed the line -- Who do I contact

My brother, who is my guest using my points, got a call from DVC this morning to advertise buying into DVC.

Their trip is in a month and they’ve never gone to Disney before. They barely understand Disney let alone what DVC is, but DVC is calling to pitch him to setup a time to do a sales meeting. Talking about short-term incentives.

This is wholly unacceptable to me. I’m not letting them use my points just so they can be harassed and telemarketed. WTF ever happened to letting the product speak for itself?

After their trip, I would have had no problem with this, especially as they aren’t doing in-person sales meetings, but to do this now I find highly offensive.

Who would be the best person to contact to complain about this? Standard member services? I don’t want them contacted again like this. The only thing they should be reached out to for is to inform them of changes to their reservation.


I don’t know who to contact, but I agree w/ you that

I believe every time we’ve checked in to our DVC stay there was a voicemail to come visit them and receive a free gift, but it was a voicemail, and I could ignore it.


100% agree

This is a tremendous shift in philosophy and maddening at that. Time was they didn’t want you to decide on the spot. Now they’re selling it to you before you even leave your home? No. Bad.

I would see about tracking down an email address for DVC GM Bill Dierksen

I found this: william.c.diercksen@disney.com

You could try this too: guest.services@disneyworld.com

And also this has good info: Email Address for DVC Exec Bill Diercksen? No APs for DVC Letter needs to be sent... | The DIS Disney Discussion Forums - DISboards.com


Oh I got one of those. I didn’t feel like it was actually Disney or DVC. She seemed like a contractor who had a list of names. She was definitely fishing for info as to my intentions regarding DVC, who I was, how I was staying DVC. She also wasn’t “feeling” like any DVC person I’ve had contact with previously. She was pushy. (Honest Bob’s Used Cars)

She insisted on emailing me something. Maybe a DVC video. I think I might still have that email . . .here . . . somewhere . . .

So even if it’s a third party, though - that means Disney’s records are not locked up and someone else has access to them. How else would they know that you were going to stay at a DVC resort (or that Randall’s brother is)? That might be the most concerning thing of all, honestly.


I’ve never been called by DVC or any third party trying to sell me DVC despite buying points and renting points several times. I wonder how this happened …


He was contacted by a Nicole Vergals (sp?), who identified herself that she was with DVC and rattled off all the details of their stay to him.

He had let it go to voicemail, and then sent me the recording.

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i’ve been contacted AFTER the fact and during the trip to do an open house when I’m the reservation holder, but NEVER a month early when I was renting from someone else.

The “worst” it ever was was a voice mail on my hotel phone.


Especially since we were staying at SSR because my sister exchanged in thru RCI.

I did find that email and there’s Disney all over it. So maybe not a third party. She clearly needs more training.

Here are some screen shots of the email.

She must work on commission. :confused:


One wonders who is Disney Vacation Development.

I just blew it off but I’m inclined to tilt at windmills.

I mean, on one level, I understand this is a good time to educate newbies about DVC and its “benefits” but they’re asking them, FIRST TIMERS, to sacrifice vacation time for a sales pitch.

When they have zero frame of reference of what everything is. This comes off as predatory and gross.


It’s the name of the company that governs DVC

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She was pushier than that. I’m impervious. So much so I’m sorry to say it didn’t occur to me that others were being contacted as well.

That unrelenting hard sell is not the experience I ever had with DVC sales persons.


Same. When I bought in, the guy was borderline talking me out of it. I was EXPECTING to need a huge point contract and he convinced me I only needed a small one to start.


It comes off that way to experienced folk as well.

(Couldn’t find a vulture emoji)


This is telemarketing. See the highlighted portion.

I didn’t contact anyone. Does a family member reserving lodging consitute a request to be contacted by sales folk?

even if it did, my issue is still more the timing of it rather than anything else.

It’s also a colossally stupid time to do it. Right now, their anxieties of “is something going to go wrong” is at peak levels. I fielded questions about rides and time frames for travel for over 3 hours last night with him. Especially learning that, in preschool, my nephew was asked “if you could wish for anything, what would it be?” and his answer was “Go to Disney” (he has no idea he’s going yet. This is straight unprompted)

So right now, my brother is feelin’ the pressure to make sure the trip is as amazing as it can be and right now WDW is a potential nightmare waiting to pounce.

And then for DVC to try and get someone to fork over extra cash at this stage, like they’ve already been and had the best time ever, is just a really bad move.


Interesting, I truly felt a hard sell when I met w/ DVC ppl on property. I still get calls and emails from those DVC sells reps.


He’s a Liner!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It clearly has changed in recent years. Something I’ll be noting in my email…

Had I got the hard sell back then, I definitely wouldn’t have bought in. I don’t need that kinda BS in my life.