DVC 1BR Villas

I am wondering if there is a reason why 1 BR Villas do not have 2 queen beds in the bedroom? This would increase capacity to 7 and not infringe on the 2 BR villas bookings…

I know BLT is about to go through a renovation and hope they put 2 queens in the 1 BR villas…

Honestly, it’s one of those wondrous mysteries of DVC. The 1BRs have always allowed only 4/5 in one room, maybe because there’s only one door out of the room into the hallway?

But the extra space is used for the full kitchen, the washer/dryer, just more space.

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Because that’s the primary bedroom, and the assumption is that the owner would sleep there.

I would NEVER want to share my bedroom with anyone, and would hate if they put 2 queens

Also many of the rooms are not large enough to accommodate 2 queens; some are but not many

That would be a first and I think you would see a huge uprising against it


Which I, as an owner, personally LOVE having.


Oh me too…Im not saying at the expense of anything else…I thought they would be able to fit 2 queens in the existing floorplan…I think they should create a new category, that would solve it…1 BR villa with a king and a 1 BR villa with 2 queens that sleeps either 6 or 7 (6 if they thought 7 was too much capacity and just not have the single pulldown)


That would cause such havoc with the points charts; it wouldn’t be so easy as just doing it. And which would be appropriate to be more costly? Hotel side, anything with a King is always a little bit more - would that be appropriate here? Or would the higher capacity warrant the higher points chart?

I don’t foresee it ever happening and not only that I hope it never does.

I would like to see the issue resolved where the 1BR sleeps 4 but the studio sleeps 5. That is also difficult because the pull-down twin does not work with some of the floor plans in the living space (and again I definitely do NOT want it in my bedroom!)

Note that I am of a family that needs accommodation for 5/three sleep surfaces and I still deeply oppose what you’re proposing.


To each their own…Thats why a new category could solve it, satisfy you and me…the 2 queen would be slightly more points b it would sleep an extra person (could do 6 with 2 queens and a queen murphy bed vs the 5 in a King with a queen murphy and a single pull down)


I see both sides.

Those choosing 1BR vs studio are likely doing so because they value the bedroom being private more than the extra cost, or because they have 3 kids and need the space.

However, the jump in points from 1BR to 2BR is significant, so the desire to fit more in a 1BR at the cost of privacy in the bedroom probably makes financial sense for some.


Agree…I would never get a studio (if we only had 5) b we value the full kitchen and living space but we need to sleep 6 and the 2 BR sleeping 9 is too big/too many point


The cash jump from a studio to 1BR is about 50%. The point jump for the same is about 100%. It is crazy.

I used to do studios, and this upcoming trip, I snagged a 1BR. Only because our DD is coming, and I want her to have her own sleeping area, even if we encroach on it as we wake up :smiley:

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I’m with @OBNurseNH in not thinking it is such a good idea. I would never want a 1 bedroom to have two beds in the “master suite” area.

I also think the idea of increasing sleep surfaces in a 1 bedroom in general might be a problem beyond 5. In many cases, the 1 Bedroom is also a stand-in for a 2-bedroom with lock-off, so it can go either way. If you have more people booking JUST a 1 bedroom, it reduces availability of those, and makes booking a 2 bedroom less desirable. Which means Disney might have a harder time renting out the 2 bedrooms.

I think there are complexities from a business model perspective, and not just a guest convenience perspective.

We PREFER to stay in a 1 bedroom versus a Studio even when it is just my wife and I…BUT, it is on the order of double the points to do so. But we also find that booking a 1 bedroom is an easier endeavor at 7 months because they are somewhat “less desirable” to many people. This gives us a change to get into one when not at our home resort. If the 1 bedrooms accommodated 5-7 people instead of 4-5, I think they would be more likely to book up, making it more difficult at 7 months to find anything.


It’s because the villas are meant to be a home from home.

The bedroom is a master bedroom, which give parents the privacy they get at home.


Right…But some people need the beds (I am proof) so creating another category would solve it…

I dont think it would change the 2BR demand as the 2BR is 9 and a 1BR 2 queen villa could max out at 6…

How many people have 2 beds in their master bedroom at home?

Some of the 1-bedrooms sleep 5. And you can also have one under-3 on top of that.

BUT if you can wait just a bit longer the new DVC FW cabins will sleep 6.


But I would hate paying more to have an extra bed in the room where I don’t want it. That would DE-value that space to me. And I wouldn’t be alone.

So that’s just part of the conundrum - which room is of greater value? And I don’t think there’s a single answer

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We’ve stayed in 2BR as a family of 4 and loved it. Not too big at all!

Was just there with 5 of us in the room and it felt a little cozy


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This would be my preference. Or at least have another sleep surface somewhere to increase a 1BR to 6.

But I get why they do it. The 1BR + Studio = 2BR Lockoff, and in that case you have one King bedroom and one two-queen room, plus the living room and kitchen. It’s a nice balance.


They could create a new category in new resorts if they wanted to. I don’t think they could in the existing resorts because it would mess with the points charts.

Not so much in terms of how to decide how many points to charge, but in terms of the ratio between different categories. The timeshare documents specify how many rooms of each category there are. If they were to start modifying rooms to enlarge them to take two queens, that would change the number of rooms.


This is key. The DVCs aren’t simply meant to be just another hotel option…it is meant to be somehow better than that. And while the difference in a Studio to a standard non-DVC room might not be too terribly different, the difference in the 1 bedrooms and more REALLY give it that “Welcome Home” feel.


Yes, the accounting gymnastics that would be required to recreate the points charts to accommodate an additional category would not be simple. They cannot change the number of points that exist at a given resort - what there is there is. So if, using simple numbers, there are 100 points at Copper Creek, you can’t now say there are 120 points at Copper Creek because you want to create a new category. You have to rework the 100 points across all categories, raising some, lowering others, to stay within that budget and then create the new category that way.

It would be a nightmare.