Dusinas Do Disney year #6- FIRST trip report-Pandemic Edition

Well here I go! First ever trip report, 6th family trip, second time at CBR, last trip (most likely) for a very long time. We’ve been going annual to WDW since 2015. As hard as it is we have decided this will be our last year for a long foreseeable future. (We have more adventures planned; Hawaii, Colorado…). So, to say this trip is bitter sweet is an understatement. I cry just thinking about how lucky we are even to be here, and to have been here so many wonderful times. And I’ve been a liner through it all!

So here we go; Arrival day
I love social distancing- the space in the airport and on the plane was awesome. I’d love if this became the new norm.

That little plastic bag was given on the plane with salty snack, sweet snack and water.

We arrived and got our luggage which was waiting for US and went to DME. Went right down lane, loaded immediately and left in less then 10 mins. It was awesome.


Looking forward to more about your trip. Have a great time!

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Yay! Have fun!

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On arrival (early, 10am) room not ready. I went to desk and she said she had a room ready in Aruba, 52 equidistant between both skyliners so we took it. We are thrilled. It was NOT our first choice, but being here now it’s so quiet and close to either skyliner.

Pool time. Pool was more crowded than I thought but again sat is arrival day for many. Got the cool insulated mugs. Wanted one skyliner but they said they sold out in Jan.


Took bus to DS. I was debating between main bus station or our Aruba. Kids said Aruba so we went. And bus showed in LESS THAN 3 minutes. We were the only ones on the bus (thank you covid). DS was busy but not crowded.

First time at Ragland Road. It was awesome. I love live entertainment.

More libations

Bus home again was solo bus for us and our first ever DECORATED bus. Very cool.

Sleep now, HS in the morn.

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The mugs.


Yay another trip report!

Your boys are so handsome and you and your husband both have gorgeous eyes!

Looking forward to following your adventure!


Love the mugs!


Aww thanks!! With the masks the eyes are all we have, hahaha!

I substitute teach; and this year has been hard. I’ve started to tell the youngsters to look at the sides of my eyes; when you see these wrinkles you know I’m smiling; :rofl:


The eyes are the windows to the soul! Didn’t someone famous write that somewhere? It’s really true. I was surprised looking through the pics from our trip how you could tell we were (or weren’t in the case of DD20) smiling.

You have a beautiful family! I’m so excited that you’re doing a trip report!

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So true!! But also agree how you can “tell”. Mask or no mask. Which is why I (obviously) get memory maker anyway even with the masks. It’s so current and honest and true that whether I wish we had masks or not, this is the current situation so let’s document it as it is!


@Julianne_fki, ok, Whoah. It took me a minute to realize who you were…so your daughters you tube cinematography and her you tube video was AMAZING.

I had my WHOLE FAMILY sit down and watch it Thursday night. The “Oooooh’s and Ahhhhh’s” were everything. I wish o would have recorded them watching it so you could have shown your DD.

So anyway, let her know that it was incredible, my kids will probably ask for go pro’s or iPhone 11’s now for Christmas, and your whole family is amazing


So really love your beautiful and happy family. Super Yay for you and thanks for sharing all of your adventures and fun!

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Aww! Thank you! I read your post to her. She gets so embarrassed! :joy:


have a wonderful trip! thanks for sharing!

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Yesss! Trip report. I live for these now that it looks like I’m not going to get to go to WDW until April or May of 2021. Stupid Covid.

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What a great start to your report!

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Hope you have a great trip! We’ll be following along with you!

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Hey this is the 3rd trip report this morning w/ an early airport departure. Enjoy!!!

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Hey @Randall1028 and @FindMeAFishingSpot here’s another liner on their way to the ‘place’


Do you mean HS??

Hey question: is raining on and off. Not wanting to worry about skyliner or bus. What time does the parking lot for HS open!! I’m going to Uber