Dumb question about Magic Bands

I’ve only been half-concentrating about how WDW is operating nowadays.

Earlier this year I became obsessed with Magic Bands. I already had a reasonable collection and I added a few more. I have added a very nice Dooney & Bourke one and an equally nice Club 33 one. Neither has been used in-park.

But are they even a thing any more? If / when I go in October, I won’t be staying on property, so will they serve any purpose at all? Other than to look cool.

Paying for food and merchandise?

Nvm. Offsite.

Park entry still uses them, doesn’t it?

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That was never a thing if you weren’t staying on property.

Do keep up. It’s not hard.

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Snuck that one in, didn’t you?

Dunno. That’s why I’m asking. I thought I saw somewhere that you don’t.

I hadn’t heard that. I assumed they would drop the fingerprints though.

Also, sort your avatar out. There’s an annoying line at the top of it. It’s shoddy. I expect more from you. Attention to detail, that kind of thing.

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That line was left specifically to annoy you. My attention to detail is on point.

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You’ll need your magic bands to get into Club 33.

Fair enough. Job well done.

My MBs won’t get me in. I’m not a member.

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To confirm, yes, they are still using MagicBands for park entry.

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BTW, I should let you know. There are no dumb questions. Only dumb people asking questions.

Isn’t that how the saying goes???

Damn. I reflexively liked your post. Day ruined.

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I keep sneaking up on you is all. I’ve been practicing my ninja warrior moves, you see.

I nearly did it again. Caught myself just in time.

Is anyone worried this thread is really cliquey?

Might as well go to bed

True. Also, your new avatar made me laugh out loud. Literally. Quite the fail by you.

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You and my 5 year old!

But to answer the original question, I love picking which band I am going to wear with which outfit. Do bracelets or earrings or necklaces serve a real purpose? No, and yet people wear them. Wear your beautiful Disney accessories with pride! Who cares if you “need” them or not.

ETA - We all have 5 or 6 each, but I fully intend to get a new one for each of our 3 different resort stays next spring. And then more for our fall stays. Which is weird, because in real life I wear no jewelry/accessories other than my wedding ring. I love magic bands!!!

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Incidentally, wearing Club 33 merch does not get you any kind of special treatment. I showed up to CG wearing my Club 33 baseball cap and they told me I had to take it off before they would let me in the restaurant.

Oh MBs are still definitely used both directly and indirectly. Park Entry, rides that that put your name up on the screen (rockin roller coaster, small world, star tours etc…), photopass photographers, it also tracks where you are in the ride for some of the photos (7DMT for example), purchases, and of course… they track you through the parks in general too.


They put your name on a screen? How have I missed this? Is it during the ride?

Although, I think one member of my family has had their name show up maybe one time ever on IaSW and the rest have never come up, so whatever.