DS area hotels will get 60 day FPP and EMH

Starting 2018, Disney Springs area hotels will get all the on site perks. That’s like 7 more hotels or something. I’ve been planning my trip for a year to book DVC and stay on site. We’ve saved 3 years forr this trip. Now EMH may be meaningless for beating crowds and getting FPP will be harder. I am not amused.


I’m with you! Not amused at all.

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I believe as long as you stayed on a Disney property, you are entitled to EMH. The FPP is a little different depending on where you stay. I believe you can make FFP 60 days in advance and make 10 days worth on the 60th day if you are staying in a WDW resort. If you are staying in a DS resort you can still make FPP 60 days out but must make them a day at a time. If you are staying off property you can only make them 30 days out and at a day at a time. I believe that is what I just recently read and others out here can correct me if I am wrong.

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You read one day at a time? I am going to look at this.

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I thought it was one day at a time also, but Maybe it’s wishful thinking.

I just went out to the Making Fasspass+ site here on UOG (https://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/making-fastpass-reservations) and I stand corrected in my earlier reply. Looks like 60 days ahead make up to 14 days selection on the 60th day. Annual Pass holders can make selections 30 days out with a max of 7 days on the 30th day, and last is non-Disney resort guest can make them 30 days out but only a day at a time. I am unsure what they consider a Disney Springs resort as to if it is a Disney resort or a Non- Disney resort. Sorry for the bad information. Refer to the URL provided.

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It is funny but the resorts seem to only be advertising EMHs?

This is new effective January 10th?

Here it is http://www.kennythepirate.com/2017/12/18/guests-staying-at-select-disney-springs-hotels-to-be-offered-60-day-fastpass-and-extra-magic-hours/

Do you see FP info here?

I’ll be happier if they don’t advertise the 60day FPP, but EMH was already hit or miss. With that many more guests having access, I think the benefit is nil. What’s the bonus of spending more to stay on site? I think it’s gone, so I won’t waste my money next time.

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I have been struggling with this. My last stay I booked SSR because I wanted to be near DS. During that stay I Ubered back and forth to the parks and walked to DS. I think I will seriously considered doing this from one of these resorts if it is length of stay FP.

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Re 60 day FPP, MouseSavers.com announced the following:
60-Day Booking for FastPass+ Selections For Disney Springs Resort Area Hotel Guests

The other big news is that guests of the Disney Springs Resort Area hotels who book a Walt Disney World vacation package will also get 60 day advance booking of their FastPass+ selections, starting January 10, 2018! Booking an official Walt Disney World vacation package via an Authorized Disney Travel Planner agency like Small World Vacations does qualify for this benefit, and the rates will be the same as booking directly (but you will not get the special MouseSavers exclusive discounts). Room-only bookings directly with the hotel or via other sites like Expedia or Orbitz will not qualify for this benefit.

In order to book FastPass+ selections at 60 days from the arrival date, the Walt Disney Travel Company package booking number needs to be linked to the guest’s MyDisneyExperience account, and a valid theme park ticket or annual pass needs to be linked as well. (Typically the package will include a ticket, but there are ticketless packages for people who already have an annual pass or prefer to get their ticket separately.)

What you posted is similar to what I have read on other websites. When I look at what is posted on the Disney site it seems as if you must call the wdw travel company to get the FPs but if you follow the Disney Spring Resort link you can book room only (and not qualify) but that particular link still says you get EMH?

That matches up with what I have read - you can get EMH regardless of how you book. However, MouseSavers appears to indicate slightly different from this, but it might be because they are pushing to get you to book through their links (where they presumably get a kick-back):

EXTRA MAGIC HOURS For Disney Springs Resort Area Hotel Guests!

Stay at any of the Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels and enjoy Extra Magic Hours at the Walt Disney World Parks from January 1 – December 31, 2018!*

The Extra Magic Hours program allows you to enter a specific theme park one hour before official opening on certain days of the week. On other days of the week, one of the theme parks stays open for two hours after the general public closing time. You can enjoy extra time on select attractions with smaller crowds! This benefit has been reserved for guests of the Disney-owned Walt Disney World hotels and the Swan and Dolphin, but for 2018, Disney is opening up the benefit to guests staying at hotels in the Disney Springs Resort Area!

The seven Disney Springs Resort Area hotels are considered Official Walt Disney World Hotels by Disney, and are on Disney property but not Disney-owned. They run their own bus transportation and are within walking distance of Disney Springs.

Be sure to read more about the MouseSavers Preferred Hotels in Disney Springs, where you can get exclusive MouseSavers offers and discounts for the following Disney Springs Resort Area hotels:

  • B Resort and Spa located in Disney Springs Resort Area
  • DoubleTree Suites by Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort
  • Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista in Disney Springs Resort Area
  • Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace

MouseSavers readers who stay at any of the MouseSavers Preferred Hotels in the Disney Springs Resort Area during 2018 via any exclusive MouseSavers offer are eligible for Extra Magic Hours! No special codes are required to get the Extra Magic Hours benefit. Just book the hotel through our special links (or using the given phone number in some cases) and you’ll be given the Extra Magic Hours voucher when you check in.*

*Valid Theme Park admission and an Extra Magic Hours voucher are required. To get your Extra Magic Hours voucher, you must show your valid theme park tickets at the hotel front desk (you can purchase tickets at the hotel upon arrival, but obviously it’s cheaper to buy them in advance ). When planning your schedule, please remember that to visit more than one theme park on the same day, you’ll need to purchase the Park Hopper Option or Park Hopper Plus Option with your theme park ticket. Extra Magic Hours must be used during the dates of your reservation. Valid through 12/31/18. Please note that not all Walt Disney World attractions are available during Extra Magic Hours. Extra Magic Hours schedule and available attractions are subject to change without notice.

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Sounds on the face of it, to be a pretty good deal, to stay at DS resorts now.

I wouldn’t mind too much giving up the 60 day fpps as long as we got the emhs. One thing to keep track of tho is the possible resort & parking fees at those hotels.

Also, their bus service gets not-very-good reviews. if I stayed there, I’d opt to have a car that trip.

And truth be told, I’ve kind of gotten spoiled with staying in the bubble. We usually stay at Dolphin & some say it’s not Disney enough at that resort, but works fine for us. It;s a great spot in the Boardwalk area.

Hmmm, this makes DS hotels an option now. I didn’t want to give up 60 day FP. We avoided EMH anyway, and will do so in the future. It’s hard enough getting up and out at the regular opening time. I did think it was only fair for the premium bubble Disney resorts though.

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I think it makes sense now to head to the disney parks that don’t have EMH operating that day


Exactly. Even more sense than it made before.

So which is the best one to stay in, family of 5?