Downtown Disney Good Eats

What’s good to eat in Downtown Disney?

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My daughter likes the bread bowls, so we always go down to La Brea Bakery. We haven’t tried any other TS that is currently in DD. Everything we’ve eaten at has closed and/or been replaced! But we’ve like Earl of Sandwich too for QS. Mostly we just go for World of Disney.


We tend to eat in the parks for lunch and dinner, but have ventured there a few times. We ate at Tortilla Joe’s years ago and ended up getting food poisoning and haven’t been back since. Although I am not sure if it is open (its not, I just checked), last visit we ate at Splitsville and though the food was great. We have had breakfast at La Brea and thought it was good, but our favorite for breakfast is Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. I have never eaten there for dinner, but I have heard good things. If I were there, I think that would be my choice or I might check out Ballast Point or Black Tap.


Ralph Brennans’ jazz Kitchen is the one restaurant that I keep thinking I would like to try. Good to know that it’s recommended … at least for breakfast!

We’ve eaten at at least three places that are no longer there - ESPN, Rainforest, and another one that used to be where Splitsville is. DD has sure changed over the years.


Ballast Point and Black Tap both have really good reviews. I haven’t eaten at either but I hope to try a Black Tap crazy shake.

Naples has better pizza than anywhere else on property (possibly better than WDW as well). Grab ice cream at Salt & Straw afterward.


Thank you all for your advice. Unfortunately, each of us wanted something from different restaurants and the Jazz Kitchen wasn’t doing take out.

We all had some form of chicken. I had a shake and a chicken sandwich from Black Tap. DS had a scallion pancake grilled chicken wrap from Asian Street Eats. DH had a chicken avocado sandwich from Earl of Sandwich. We all agreed; I had the best tasting lunch! My entree was also the largest but I paid almost twice what the guys each paid.

The guys had to help me eat my food. Now we are all stuffed and can’t snack anymore. :frowning:

I did buy a caramel apple for tonight!


:heart_eyes: What kind of shake is that? (Edit: It looks like strawberry shortcake.) To be honest, the crazy shakes look way too rich for me - I’d prefer a simple chocolate one - but I need to at least give it a try!


You guest correct: Strawberry shortcake!

It is way too much for one unless you are @Randall1028. It took 3 of us to finish it. I still have the swirl candy. The whipping cream makes up half of it. They glue on the graham crackers with frosting.

I sold 3 of those shakes for Black Tap while drinking the shake!


Here are all the treats at the Confectionery. We signed in at store. They texted us an hour later. We returned to check in and got in line. We picked this up for dessert after dinner.

COVID-19 protocols are excellent in Downtown Disney. Mask compliance was very good.