Double Tree Disney Springs Review

I want to share our experience with Double Tree Disney Springs since they are extending 60 day FP into 2020. This is a good option for groups looking for two sleeping rooms. We experienced very good service at DoubleTree. I definitely recommend it. I was worried about not giving my kids an onsite experience but in reality we were hardly at our hotel except to sleep so I am pleased we didn’t spend the extra money for onsite with our busy schedule. We had a traveling party of two adults, kids ages 6, 5, and 2. In true Liner style, I’ll give you all the details to make an informed decision. :wink:

We did our booking on with our Capital One Venture for extra points. We were closely following Priceline Express and never saw it in hidden deals but did see it occasionally for $137/night on regular deals. We priced out AoA and Music Family suites to compare. They were $300-$375/night our week. Please note Double Tree has added a $13 Resort fee/night and there is a $22 fee for parking. The resort fee provides free coffee in the lobby, free movie rentals from their rental machine, and two water bottles per day. We have never gone without a car in WDW and with three small kids, that made me a bit nervous. I will say it worked really well and would book this again. But what about MDE? It’s not included. We got Uber XL to the airport for $30-$40 each trip. We brought car seats for that trip since they would be used on the plane anyway.

We booked a king room with sofa bed. There was not a way to add our baby to the reservation so we just put that we needed a crib in the notes. Since my husband is an Hhonors member, we could pick our room ahead of time on the Hilton app. Floors 6 and 7 are for Hhonors members. We selected room 636 which is all the way on the end with a parking lot/DS/tree view. A bit of a walk to elevator, but I was hoping for a quieter place. Room 636 is a connecting room but we didn’t notice any noise from our neighbors. Even numbered floors have ice machines by the elevator. Floor 7 had laundry ($3 to wash/$3 to dry) takes credit card. Our room was always nice and cool. We kept it at 68 degrees without having to do any tricks or overrides.

As you enter from the hallway, you go into the living room where the sofa bed is. The living room also has a table with chairs for 3 (plus an ottoman, so possibly 4), TV, chest of drawers, and kitchenette which includes a dorm sized refrigerator (no freezer), coffee maker (coffee and coffee mate), microwave and sink. Paper coffee cups with lids and Styrofoam cups are provided. A frosted glass sliding door separates the living room from bedroom. I was concerned the kids would have trouble sleeping if lights were on in the bedroom. It does light up the living room if bedroom lights are on. We brought black trash bags and painters tape to try to make it darker but didn’t end up using because everyone was asleep by the time they hit their pillow. The bedroom had the bed (of course), dresser, TV, a large mirror and counter for hair/makeup, moderately large closet, and bathroom. There was a single sink and it was located inside the bathroom. They provide shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and bar soap. A hair dryer was provided but like most hotels, it was rather weak. Nice thick towels are provided and they provided extras upon request but few places to hang them up.

Our bed was comfortable. Being in the Hilton line, I was hoping for an ultra plush pillowtop but it was just a basic mattress. We slept well, though. Pillows and linens were comfortable. The kids slept on the pull out sofa bed. I would only recommend kids sleep on this as comfort is lacking. We asked for an extra blanket so the kids wouldn’t have to share. The baby got a regular pack n play.


They have a nice large pool, hot tub, and splash pad for kids. There is not a life guard or life vests so you’ll need to bring your own if needed. It goes from 3 - 6 feet deep. The pool was heated, but a little cool first stepping in. There is also a children’s playground near the pool.

If you are a Gold Hhonors member, a continental breakfast is provided and you can pay $5 for a full hot breakfast. We aren’t so we ordered groceries for breakfast. There is a mini-mart and Disney store in the lobby. We didn’t use either. The front desk will give you warm chocolate chip cookies any time you ask. (with nuts) Very yummy.


We were pleased with busses overall. It was usually a standard “Disney bus” but sometimes it was the nice Mears MDE bus with storage for strollers below and plush seating. The busses arrive every 30 minutes to Doubletree at approximately 10 and 40 past the hour but show up early just in case. They start running an hour before park opening including EMH. They are the fourth pick up so Double Tree got skipped one busy morning to MK due to bus already being full. Be ready to Uber if this happens. They won’t get you to a PPO breakfast. We usually arrived at the park about 10-30 minutes before EMH. This is enough time to RD TSMM or NRJ but don’t count on SDD or FoP at that arrival time. The Magic Kingdom drop off is TTC so one day we did an Uber to Contemporary to make up time. On non-EMH hour days the buses go to two parks. Epcot then HS, MK then AK. We often took Uber home because kids were so tired. We used the buses home twice from parks and were similarly pleased. I thought being the 4th drop off would be really annoying but the driver will skip resorts if no is getting off so it’s not too bad. Water parks have transportation at limited times. We got the 10:15 bus to Blizzard Beach and returned at 5:00. They do a lot of extra pick ups for the water parks so it took a long time to get there. We budgeted taking Uber regularly since we didn’t pay for a rental. I think we spent $180 on Uber, still cheaper than a car and parking. By the way, the longest we ever waited for an Uber XL car seat was 8 minutes. They are readily available even at peak times.

Let me know if you have questions. :slight_smile:


I’m glad you had a good experience. We stayed there a few years go and liked the amount of space, but we did not like the cockroaches in our room.

Oh that’s awful and would have put me over the edge!! I’m not a bug person at all. We found the hotel sparkling clean!


That is good to know because this was a few years ago. My husband is an HH member and likes staying at Hiltons more than on Disney property. We may have to give it another chance.


I failed to mention that I had to call to get confirmation number to add to MDE for onsite benefits. Easy, peasy. We really liked the EMH perk. Old Magic Bands worked great to scan in for EMH.


How many days out did you book?

What a great review!

Nice to get some first hand knowledge about an offsite. And so thorough! I would stay here in a heartbeat based on this!

Thanks for sharing!


I think we booked in January.


Thank you for the thorough review! This is one of the hotels I am considering for our trip next year. I am glad to hear that it worked well for you.


Thanks for the review ! We’re staying there in June. They said if we booked before March 1 we wouldn’t have to pay the resort fee bc they didn’t originslly have a resort fee.
Also, do they have water in the lobby you can grab with cups ?

If the bus is full and skips the doubletree, they don’t send another one out ASAP ? If the park opens at 7 am for EMH would the bus come at 6 am ? I think in the summer sometimes it’s that early for EMH.

There is a water fountain in the lobby near the bus door. We would get ice from our floor and fill reusable water bottles as we were waiting in the bus. I do not recall water and cups, although there is a restaurant and bar on site that may be able to assist.

I would expect the EMH bus to arrive a few minutes after 6:00am with 7am EMH. We had really good luck getting the first bus of the day especially to EMH because only one park is open so no bus sharing to two parks. It was midmorning when we got skipped and it took 40 minutes for another dispatched bus to pick us up. In hind site, that would have been a good time to Uber.

Where did you hear about waiving the resort fee? We booked in January. I also read somewhere that Hilton honors member didn’t have to pay for hotel parking but can find info on that either :frowning:

Were you on a bottom floor ?

Any laundry areas to wash clothes at doubletree

If my friend who lives near the Area comes to visit us at the hotel for the day, will they make her pay for parking ? Even if it is just a. Couple Horus

No, we weren’t. It was about 5 years ago though so things could have improved. And it is Florida so there are going to be bugs. I think my biggest issue was the hotel didn’t really care when we mentioned it to them. They were just like “oh, okay”.

We stayed at the Double Tree for three nights first weekend in July 2018. My sister scored complementary 1 bedroom for listening to a timeshare spiel. We did a split stay - 4 nights CBR then the Double Tree.

The resort is fine. We had our own car and used valet parking, as their self parking lot seemed crowded. We had great service but they clearly get little demand for valet parking!

Or evening suppers. We ate in house the day of our move. Very odd. Ok, limited menu. Two people only working the restaurant. They had been sitting with the lights out when we walked in. Said oh yes! We’re open.

Bus service was horrible - possibly because it was a weekend at the end of a busy holiday week? It was nearly non existent in the evening at Epcot. Other reviewers have had better bus experiences.

Edited to add yes, there is a laundry. I don’t recall what floor we were on, just that it was up to go to the laundry.

We were traveling with three kids - adults never get to press the button for the floor. Also, my niece got an appointment for a DVC timeshare spiel for $100 gift card each, so her daughter did laundry while we went and looked at DVC models. The new one at WL - Copper Creek? - is amazing. has some special discounts currently, so I am considering changing my reservation from Hilton Tuscan Village to the Doubletree. Issue is that I love WDW, my husband not so much so he would prefer a full apartment such as the Hilton Tuscan Village since he will join me later daily in the parks. I really don’t know what to do.

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