Double Tree Disney Springs Review

@Incredible_Family I know you
Mentioned there was no freezer but was there a small area inside of the mini fridge that sorts froze any items. Or was it strictly only a fridge.

Doubletree is at Disney springs. U get free shuttles. 60 day fast pass selections. EMH. Those things were important to me PLUS having a two bedroom type of suite. There is not a full kitchen but they have a sitting area and sink and mini fridge. I am bummed about not having a full fridge and freezer. I leave Sunday so I’ll let you know anything after.

Thanks!!! I will appreciate your feedback. I would also love to have a freezer so I could buy a few frozen meals for when I am too tired at night. But I liked the hotel for the same reasons you did, 60 days fastpass, 2 bedroom suite and I want to use the EMH to visit Galaxy’s Edge.

Odd floors have laundry.

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Strictly fridge

Hi Lisamm701, I don’t know if you are already back from your vacation, but how was the Doubletree?

We just got back on Sunday !! It was great !!! Roomy. And the shuttles were awesome also. U get free cookies whenever u want some too lol


Thanks! We will be there end of October. Did you do internet check-in?

I never heard of internet check in. We went to the counter around 330 Pm and got our keys and checked in.


I tried Internet check in but I couldn’t get my phone set up as a key and had to stop at the front desk.

I wouldn’t mind having to stop at the front desk for keys, but it seems that Members of Hilton Honors can select rooms while checking in online and also are given rooms in high floors. I subscribed only because of that.

I was able to select my room as a Hilton member. I liked that feature.

You can probably check in online. But I use the Hilton app to check in and select my room. When you check in, it asks if you want an electronic key on your phone. If you say yes, It will send you an email to tell you it is ready that day. The key is in your Hilton app. We get plastic keys also.

I don’t know if this is too late but to waive resort fee, you need to be a Hilton Honors member and staying on all points or free certificate:

I am subscribed to the newsletter, they had a special deal on may and on june, both waiving resort fees and 1/2 parking fee. I am always afraid of these special deals, but have made print screens of all offers / booking screens in case they don’t want to honor it later.

And then you have specials. Thanks for the addition, @AdrianaNL.

Awesome report, I am currently booked at the best western at Disney springs for June 2020. I keep looking up double tree but they haven’t opened our dates yet.
Interesting to know laundry is $3 each to wash and dry. We are staying for 4 nights before a cruise so being able to wash will make it possible for us to pa k lighter, possibly even only carryon.

Thanks again.