Does Your Husband Carry a Backpack?

Hmm :rofl: maybe that’s why fiancé won’t come with anymore…

He gets stuck holding all the backpacks

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Funny enough I find World Showcase one of the hardest places to get cups of water because you can’t get them at kiosks, but have to walk back to the QS. A little thinking ahead takes care of it.


I was going to be a snarkfish and say that, actually, but I didn’t want to offend :laughing:

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I mean, I’ve been for marathon weekend when it was colder in the morning in Orlando than it was at home. And I have occasionally worn a windbreaker in February

This is why I bought out my lease just a few weeks ago. I actually have equity in the car at this time :laughing:

We’ll hang onto it for a while, and perhaps hand it down to Luke when he starts driving in about 18 months, at which time I’ll get a new Mini (a blue one I’ll call Stardust)


Edna will get to stay in the family. :sunglasses:

Are you ordering Stardust now? :smile:

I had thought I’d get maybe a small suv maybe when the current people carrier was maxing out. Maybe.

However, we have til next April*/May**/June*** before we’re done piling on the miles. And I heard today that a previous robot carrying option no longer exists****. Making our van - or a subsequent one - even more useful.

Kids! :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming::blush:

*robotics championship
**high school diploma
***black belt test - just to hijack further, the 12 page paper will be on a strike - palm heel, shotei uchi. Louis is passionate and articulate about that subject. smh

****the newer model Subaru’s cargo area is smaller. Who’d a guessed.

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No. It will be quite a while before we need her. We’ll monitor the situation and order when it becomes necessary.

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I’m doing the same thing. I test drove some vehicles at the dealership my husband worked for and had pretty much made up my mind until I saw the cost. Even though the base price was essentially the same as my current vehicle, the lease amount was about $200 more a month! :woozy_face: So I’m going to buy out this one and hope the market rebounds at some point. First time in probably 12 years I’m not just rolling into a new lease.


I’ve never not gone into a new vehicle at lease end! And I’ve been leasing since my early 20s

I really really really miss my MINI

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She is my favorite car ever. I was not sad about the decision to keep her a while longer. :heart: :oncoming_automobile::heart:

Ohhh did you get to do any of the Mickey and MINI events- lol before we were asked not to come back?


I have no idea what you are referring to

Mini Cooper clubs would travel, from as far as Canada for a long food and wine weekend….

Ohh it was so much fun

  • it was hosted by the Sunshine MINI club

Ohhhh that! Yes I’ve heard of them but never done one. I’ve mostly owned Edna in pandemic conditions. Lol.

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We only carry a backpack to Disney and SeaWorld parks, usually. My wife wears it primarily as I’m often picking up our son to carry around when we’re rushing through the parks, but we trade off, too.

Somewhat related and something he may like… For any other park, we wear slim waist packs. Like fanny packs but not as roomy, unnoticeable and don’t get in the way, basically good for a phone, keys, external charger, and other another small thing or two. We easily fit onto rides without comfort or fitment issues, don’t need to carry a bag, and unless they have metal detectors at the ride gate no one notices and forces you to get a locker, etc. Comes in handy.


He is all about unnoticeable. Any recommendations on brands? If it holds the items you mention, I can carry just his water bottle.

My wife and I both have this one. She used to carry an old school one, but loved the one I got.

GEARWEAR Running Phone Holder for Women and Men|Runner Running Belt Waist Band for Workout Fitness Walking Jogging Exercise Sport

It’s generic but is quality enough, and has lasted me 3 years so far with what I’d consider lots of use (20-30 total park days, work from open to close, with lots of zipper use and wear & tear).

Whether you get this one or not, you can see the design and go from there to compare alternatives. I wear mine up on my abdomen area so it doesn’t stick out at all and make ride attendants double check me and so on, so you can figure how slim it fits. If your husband has a build that lends himself to doing the same, it’ll definitely be useful. I suppose if he’s got a belly, he could wear it lower and still hide quite well.

Well, I am the husband. But yes, I do. We do have younger kids so I don’t mind wearing the backpack to haul the things we will all need throughout the day. And frankly, when we’re moving with the stroller, it gets hung from the handle so it isn’t as if I wear it ALL day. Our next trip might be sans stroller. I still will probably wear a backpack to carry our things.

But… if it was just DW and myself, cargo shorts for the win. In the pre kid days that’s all I ever wore in the parks. I’ve accumulated a nice collection of shorts that have zipper and button pockets so that I can carry whatever I’ll need in the parks and don’t have to worry about anything falling out.


I use a FlipBelt for running, and it is perfect for the few items mentioned.