Does this count as my birthday?

My fiftieth birthday is in April. I’m going back to WDW in July.

Can I count that as being my 50th birthday trip and demand ceaseless birthday wishes and goodies during my trip?

Morally, I mean. I know I could get the pin and tell everyone. But do you think it would really count?



No. Stop acting like an entitled American. :wink:

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That’s one of my favourite bits of being in the US! I love saying “and I’ll have mashed potatoes instead of rice” when I’m ordering food.

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Yes, since you won’t be there on your birthday, I think it’s fine morally.

Absolutely NOT!!! You must adhere to the strict moral code of Disney guests which has been handed down from generation to generation. Any deviation would be deviant. Hmm… What was the question again?


Cast members say if it’s within 6 months before or after your birthday, you can wear the button.


I turn 50 late in March and will be going to the world in August. I would try your tactic but I don’t think the CM’s would believe that I am fifty years old (I only wish this was true).

Happy Birthday!

My mom wore her 65th birthday pin in May while her bday was actually in February. I think you’ll be fine.

Just run like you stole something if they suddenly card you. :laughing:



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Was just thinking-my daughter’s birthday trip isn’t on her birthday. We don’t want to take her out of school. Fully intend to let her wear her birthday button the whole time.



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For some reason I don’t understand, my grandmother never actually celebrated her birthday on her ACTUAL birthday. Instead, she had an “alternate” birth date that she’d been using since she was young.

Thing is, her license still showed her ACTUAL birthday. This was fine, until it came time to receive the age percent off discount on your birthday AND a free birthday cake at Bill Knapp’s. So, every year, she had to convince the wait staff that for HER, her birthday celebration day was, in fact, the day she ALWAYS celebrated her birthday. In other words, she wouldn’t be at Bill Knapp’s on her ACTUAL birthday…or if she was, she wouldn’t ask for the birthday discount.

In the end, they relented, and gave her discount and free cake. (I suppose it was helpful that there were usually about 5 to 10 other people there as well.)

Point is, if Bill Knapp’s considers it morally acceptable, I see no reason Disney wouldn’t.

Of course, having said that, Bill Knapp’s eventually went out of business. So there’s that.

(I really should ask my mother WHY her mother decided to celebrate her birthday on a day OTHER than her actual birthday. Unless you are born on Feb. 29, which she wasn’t, I don’t see a reason for it!)

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Hmm. That’s quite a narrow window…

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I see that a lot in my genealogical research. although not often with people born in the 20th century and later when there began to be better record-keeping. Sometimes it’s the difference between the actual date, the official registration, and the baptism. People might pick any one of those to use, if they pick at all.

I have a g-g-g Uncle who family lore said was 115 when he died, but the official record shows 105 and the census records would indicate it’s more like 95. I guess they didn’t care back then, they were just glad to be alive!

Yup @ryan1 I’ve done a lot of genealogy research also, and I’ve started to wonder if people back then didn’t really know their birthdays or keep track. It may be a more modern phenomenon.

I don’t know why nobody else said this, but obviously you need to plan another trip in April so you can officially celebrate your birthday.

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Not only am I quite comfortable with you celebrating your birthday (and wearing your button during your trip but I am comfortable with my DIL wearing a First Visit button during our trip in June. Technically she visited WDW as a teenager (warning, graphic content coming up) but she and her mother traveled as companions to a mother and daughter. She was not allowed to ride attractions, didn’t see any parades or fireworks and no dining at TS restaurants! It was like doing WDW with the Evil Stepmother! She is a huge Disney fan, knows way more trivia than I do and it horrifies me that her experience was so terrible. So, of course, to me our June trip will be her “real” First Visit.
You originally started planning your July trip as a 50th birthday celebration so, of course, you should wear your button proudly.


The original plan was to go in April for my actual birthday. However this coincides with Easter this year and I was worried the crowd levels would be insane. Plus the opportunity cost would be high as I’m busy at work at that time of year.