Does Disney release MORE fastpasses at 30 days?

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I’ve googled this and searched the forum but cannot find an answer.
I got fastpasses at 60 days but my plans changed and now I want to get new fastpasses at different parks for the same top rides and I’m fast approaching the 30 day mark. If Disney did not release more fastpasses for the top rides at 30 days, it would reduce the incentive to buy tickets in advance. Why would anyone buy a ticket 30 days early if the top rides were not available as fastpass options? Taking it further, club level guests would take all the top rides at 90 days so the 60 day guests would not get any. And then there’s the same day top ride fastpass releases. Does anyone know when the top ride fastpasses are released?
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They don’t release more at 30 days, and people staying offsite generally can’t get FPs for the really popular rides because they are long gone. But they can get better FPs than the person who only books 28 days out, or 2 weeks, or doesn’t book at all.

There aren’t enough people paying for the 90 day FP perk to make a huge difference, but them along with people going earlier than you with tickets that overlap the first few days of your trip are the reason that it’s really tough to get FOP or HS tier 1s for the first couple of days of your trip.


People cancel at 30 days, making some become available.

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Watch for hours of operation to change, and also the one and two week mark might have people canceling their plans. We never stay on property, but this past August I was able to add FOP when they extended park hours, and was able to move rides to earlier times as we got closer to our trip.

In a pinch, I’ve had some luck trying late in the evening the night before my park day. People sometimes change their plans and drop their passes.

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Great info and great strategies.
Does Disney release top tier FP day of?
Is it dependant on park attendance or is it always done? If so, this suggests that Disney holds back some FP for day off park goes to surpise and delight a select few who stumble into a Flight of Passage FP on the day of.

In fact they do, and like good Liners, people have collected the data to know when they do:

So they drop more passes every day or just those in the park using MDE? I assume this is a different FPP pool of people than those planning +30 or +60 days out?

They drop more every day, for that day only. The pool of people are those who are in the parks that day.


I’m an off-site person; and I have still managed to get FP’s for all the top rides. People cancel, or they periodically drop, or I get them same day. I tend to just randomly check once or twice a day leading up to my trip and I have got all the popular rides with this method. I have got same day with the methods posted on this forum and also just from constant searching.