Does anyone else book a reso at Contemporary Restaurants just to park on your way to MK?

I doubt this is a “hack” but does anyone else book a reservation for Chef Mickey’s or The Wave on your MK day so you can park at the Contemporary and walk into MK? We’ve done this our past few trips and find it very convenient. Would love to know other tricks like this you use

I think the ADR parking is now limited to 3 hours. I would not abuse it.

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WDW has finally caught up to this practice and does police it now. I can confirm it’s a 2 - 3 hour limit. It’ll depend on time of year and how busy they are.

The new “hack” is to just take an Uber / Lyft there and then walk to MK. They get so many ride share drop offs they just wave those cars in w/out question - since they aren’t parking. In the rare case they do ask, just say you are eating at the Contempo Cafe - which doesn’t require reservations and is open to all.

Tho it’s not a hack, I like to use valet parking at a resort instead of parking at a park*. It’s only a few dollars more, my vehicle is delivered to me, and we get to ride the bus.

We have at least one family member who considers the bus to be the best ride at WDW.

*when staying off property.

Have done

Thanks for the heads up - I was last in Disney 2 years ago and I did this a few times with no issues. After 2 - 3 hours is the vehicle towed?

Some have reported of cars being towed but I don’t think there was indication that these we’re parked the same day, likely cars left there for a longer time.

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I don’t think you’ll get towed, but you’ll probably be charged full rate for parking all day ($25) and some kind of action - like your tag recorded & not allowed back in to that resort.

Is it really worth the hassle? The time you “save” will be lost when you have to deal with security at the end of the day & you’ll still have to pay for the parking. Plus, idk if you’ll be with family, but I can’t imagine a partner/spouse and kids wanting to have to deal with the issue after a full day at MK. (My wife would be doing the “I told you so…” speech… not worth it to me.)

If you are staying on-site a ride share will take you there for $12 - $15 each way. That’s basically the same as paying to park at MK/Hotels with none of the drama.

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Officially yes. Enforced? Nope.

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In what way can you confirm this to be true?

They do not tow

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<ahem, cough>

Maybe not often, but they do tow.

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This happened to you?

Probably brought their own car with slightly out of town plates :grinning:


But when we were at Bay Lake, at some point between the 27th Dec and 2nd Jan, we saw three cars getting towed. Around 5pm.

According to security they had parked in the morning for an ADR and had left their cars all day.


Hmm. Our last trip we ate breakfast at the Poly and left our car there for the day. When we went in we asked security about it and they said it was fine. Was planning on doing this again this year, but am now rethinking it.

We did this at Poly late August without issue. But the lot was not even close to full either when we arrived or when we left. Summer crowds were tapering down at that point.


Is that not akin to a policeman telling a kid that he’s locking up criminals for not eating up all their greens??


Thanks for saying that. I couldn’t think of a way to sound it without coming off nasty. Lol

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