Do you order bottled water for your room?

I keep hearing to get the free water at the parks, but then I hear the water smells and is not great? The water where we live is wonderful, so I’m not sure I can stomach that. I don’t know. But I also don’t want to order jugs upon jugs of water through Amazon or Instacart. Do you order water to be delivered?

Nope. Did buy a water bottle with a filter though. Takes care of all the issues.


The water at the parks, from the QSs, is filtered and fine. The water coming out of the faucets at the resorts has a bit of a sulfur smell; personally I don’t really mind it all that much, but the only water I drink in the room is to brush teeth and take meds. Out of principle, I refuse to buy bottled water anywhere (except in countries where the water is unsafe to drink); I just can’t see paying for something I can get for free and contribute to the plastic pollution in the process.


I’m very picky about water too and have a hard time even brushing my teeth with the hotel water in the Orlando area. On my first trip, I didn’t realize that they filtered the water in the parks and assumed it would be the same as in my offsite hotel. Soooo, I bought several $3 Dasanis every single day in the parks. :woman_facepalming:

Now, I just drink the free water in the parks (it’s really not bad, and like I said, I’m picky!) but I still buy a case of 12-18 bottles to have in my hotel room in the mornings and nights. (And that case usually costs less than a single bottle in the parks… :money_with_wings:)

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Yes, totally agree. I didn’t realize the parks had filtered water, so we will definitely refill our water bottles with that! Maybe I’ll look into a filter pitcher for the resort.

No. I usually try not to pay for something that is free.

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Yes. We stock our fridge and my DH is picky about water.

Yes, coming from the UK we wake up at about 4am for the first few days and need something to drink before the QS opens.

I don’t mind the tap water at all, but DH won’t drink it so we always get a gallon of spring water for the room. Costs less than $1 and keeps him happy. :slight_smile:

We filled our bottles up with ice (packed) and water from resort QS. We even did this going to the parks. Since ice melted we never need to refill until we got back. This was a 24 oz bottle per person.

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We did order bottled water from Amz Prime Now to fill up our bottles in the morning (and filled them up again at QS during the day) but I especially appreciated it to make coffee. DH is an early riser and made a pot of coffee every morning, and the faucet water was really nasty.

Bottled water was the item that we ordered from Amazon Prime that was most used. The fruits and vegetables ordered by DW were a bit too aspirational with the mid level dining plan.

We love the environment…but…it was so nice to be able to grab a bottle to drink on the walk/bus to the park, then toss the bottle. We had two small cross body bags, but those were generally full with stuff for DS9 and DD11. There were a few times we tossed a bottle of water in for later even there though. Stay light weight whenever you can.

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Orlando water is hideous. Just hideous.

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The compromise between me and my DH is that we get a gallon or 2 gallon water for the room. Better for the environment than lots of bottles. Generally better water.

Ironically the jugged water we got from GG was aweful. I am not very picky about water but hated it. They have since changed brands.

I found that the drinking fountain water was fine when it was cold, but when it warmed up it had a little but of an off flavor/odor. I carried a backpack with cold bottled water last September in the parks, but i don’t think i would carry as much next time since we just refilled from the fountains whenever we came across them.

We packed some in a suitcase and some in a heavy duty cardboard box to bring as checked luggage. 2 free bags on southwest times a family of 5 means plenty of luggage allowance!

You’re getting a lot of replies telling you that the QS sites give you filtered water. This is usually, but not always, true. I have gotten Florida stank water from Cosmic Rays on multiple occasions. When this happens, and we’re too thirsty to go QS-hopping to get filtered, we just get bottles.

At the resorts, the QS water is good to go. We usually stock and maintain our fridge with multiple cups of free QS water, both for drinking and tooth brushing. Tap water there is strictly for washing hands.

I think we will order a couple jugs and then refill each time we get to a quick service if needed. We got big water bottles, probably too big :rofl: I think 36 ounces for each person. They should keep water cold for 12 hours at least, so won’t have to chase water often.

The last time we were at WDW I did not notice anyone else as weird as me do this, but I take along my Sawyer Mini water filter. It screws on the top of most water bottles, so I simply refill & reuse. I normally use this filter on camping trips. It makes northern Minnesota BWCA lake water safe & taste normal.:cup_with_straw:
It easily cures the WDW off-tasting park water concern for me. IMG_1192


That just reminded me of a trick from backpacking when we used iodine tablets for water. Individual lemonade mix packets will cover any bad taste in water.

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OMG this just reminded me - DH used to dump a sachet of Crystal Light into his WDW water to hide the taste! This was probably back in the '90’s or early '00;s, but I bet we still have some sachets squirreled away in a cupboard somewhere…! :joy: