Do you actually need ID?

I keep seeing ID being referenced. Not just the Disney warning about needing ID, but also people saying in forums and whatnot that it’s one of their must-have items to bring to the park. Do they actually ID everyone? We’re 40 and will have our 10 & 8 year olds with us. Will I get carded ordering a drink with dinner? I don’t like to carry a wallet in the parks. I love being able to charge to my MB and keep my pockets empty.

We’ve never had to show ID at a restaurant to get an alcoholic drink. Thankfully, since we rarely bring any with us to the parks. I know people talk about needing it and technically they certainly can require you to have ID. I’d be interested to know if anyone over 40 has actually needed to show it.


I’m 44 and have never been asked for an ID that I can remember when getting a drink. Maybe once at LaCava. We’ve been at least once a year since 2015.

Are you referring to the fingerprint reader required to enter the park and the opt-out of using a photo ID?

3 weeks before my 45th birthday this summer, I was asked for ID at the Yachtsman. I was with my parents and my 14yo, and our server thought we were brother and sister. But when I said I was 44, I didn’t have to show it. Luckily, since I didn’t bring it.

I was never asked 3 years ago when I was with DH and DS.


I always bring my ID into the parks. But only because they ask for ID whenever you use your AP discount.


I bring my ID and so do DH and DS, in case we do get asked. DH and I need it for DVC discounts too though.

I don’t think we’ve ever been asked for ID at a restaurant, but not sure about the lounges and drinks stands. DS was but he had just turned 21 so was asked every time. Except on his actual birthday, arrival day when he was wearing his badge! Not only did the barman not ask him for ID, he didn’t charge for his first drink either. That was at Top of the World.

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I’m 50 and have been going to WDW for the last two years. I’ve never been asked for ID.


In my state, I believe the law requires them to ID anyone who appears younger than 40. I don’t think Florida has anything similar, so they are expected to ID anyone who might not be 21. If they ask for your ID, they think it might be close, so be flattered.

The penalty for serving someone underage is something like $5000 and up to 60 days in jail, so they won’t want to risk any mistakes.

No, I mean for ordering drinks. :wine_glass: :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. @heidelj Yes, I did get ID’d once buying a bottle of wine at the liquor store last year, and I sure wasn’t complaining! Here the legal age is 19 so this clerk who was at least 30 basically thought I might be in high school.

But it sounds like we are very unlikely to have an issue.


3 years ago(I was 41 at the time) I was refused a dole whip with rum at AK without ID. I had to get my younger sister to order it for me😂


I rarely get asked for ID but I have been on occasion.

Why wouldn’t you want to have it on you anyway? In event of emergency when you couldn’t speak for yourself it would be good to have…


I’m an AP so you need ID for parking & discounts. We saw get asked for ID at Food & Wine Fest.


How so? How would my ID help in that case? (Asking honestly, not trying to be snarky.) I just don’t to carry a single thing I don’t have to. It feels so free somehow.

I would think they would check your person for ID. Otherwise you’re a John/Jane Doe

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They don’t accept UK driving licences as ID, and I’m certainly not taking my passport. Most people aren’t there solo anyway, and one scan of a magic band and they’d have your info. And really what are the chances that you’d be unconscious or otherwise unable to speak in the parks? So yeah, I don’t see any need to have ID on me. I don’t have it on me over here either.

Yeah that’s why they call it an “emergency”. :wink:


When we were at WDW last month, we were asked for an ID by the on duty guard every time we drove into a resort parking lot. It didn’t mater whether we were checking in to our room, returning after a trip, stopping in to visit a gift shop, or eat at a resort restaurant … “may I see an ID please.”


Agreed. My stays in the in-room safe the whole time.

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