Do I, or don't I? Disney Visa card

Thanks for heads up; I just ordered mine.
I kinda thinks it’s fun as I’ll be 50 in a few weeks too. :+1:


Happens to me all the time. I’m forever using the wrong “s” word


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Oh man!!! I gotta get me… oh. Not for Canadians.

Never mind.

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Dude you get nothing good up there.

Except maybe maple syrup.


Sheesh so much for “free trade”


Of course, I buy real maple syrup, from Canada, at my local Aldi.

I’m not helping…am I?

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WE get all kinds of good stuff

Canadians not so much.

It’s a shame. I’d hate to be him.

Just ordered my new card!

Giving up my Grogu design hurts, but I had to get the card with the superior castle.

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