Do I need to stay up late tonight?

Our booking window for FP+ opens tomorrow, and my understanding is that you can start reserving as soon as 12:01 a.m. EDT that day.

Normally, I would not be so anal, but this reservation happens to take place during Xmas week. I’ve never done Xmas week at WDW, so while I know that the crowds are crazy-insane, I’ve never experienced it first-hand.

If I want to get the FP+'s that I want at the time I want them, do I need to stay up late tonight, or am I wildly overreacting to the expected crowd levels?

I’d stay up.

I would stay up, too. I am a type A planner, though, so that might have something to do with it. :smile:

Definitely stay up. And have your MDE app open on your smartphone as well as the webpage, in case one isn’t working. (Bitter, moi?)

Stay up - that way you know that you have gotten the best FPPs that you could.

Stay up and remember to adjust for the time changes! Good luck!

Well, I am not looking for Seven Dwarfs or Anna & Elsa, fortunately. My FPs would be for Epcot and the Studios (we are doing rope-drop for MK & AK), so, really, it’s (Soarin’, Spaceship Earth and … Mission: Space, I guess?) + (ToT, Star Tours and TSMM).

Fourth rolling FP would be saved for TT and RnRC, respectively, but I don’t see those popping up on Xmas week.

I did not stay up and instead woke at 4 am and got 90% of what I wanted. If I were to do it again I would stay up. It only sounds crazy to people not reading this forum :grinning:. Good luck!!

I set my alarm to wake up and go back to sleep.

Stay up and put on some Disney tunes and/or movie and have fun with it.

How did it go?

Not so good. I forgot that my DVC APs lapse before the reservation occurs, so I needed to renew the APs first before the 60-day FP+'s opened up.

I took care of that his morning, and got everything I wanted when I wanted. Guess I didn’t need to stay up late after all.

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Oh, no! Sorry about that.

Nope. Not worth it. I stayed up late and didn’t get a single blessed thing that was on our list. So - no, not worth it at all.

ETA: I still have a couple of things that I want as a fp and still can’t get them even though our trip is a little over 2 weeks away.

Did you stay up late at the 30-day mark or the 60-day mark?

Turns out, I will likely be in Asia when our 60 day window hits, which would be great if I am near wifi, because it will be in the middle of the day. If not, not sure when I’ll be able to book the FP+.

It was the 60 day mark. Regardless, it doesn’t matter. It wasn’t worth staying up for at all. Everything was already booked at midnight.

That’s really weird. I was booking FPs for Xmas week and had no trouble on Day 60 - not even at midnight on Day 60, but later that day - to get Soarin’, ToT, TSMM, and RnR.

I did mine a couple of weeks ago for the week leading up to Christmas and I would say its worth it if you want the heavy hitters which I am sure 90% of people want. I was able to get multiple 7DMT, Soarin, TT & TSMM on different days was even able to grab a A&E meet as well as the Christmas time parade. The only one I really see disappear pretty quickly is the A&E meet and greet all of the others kind of hang around for a little while. The way I look at it is I have been planning this trip since last December staying up a couple of hours extra is worth it to make sure my kids get the rides & Meets that they want. There would be no way I wait in line for A&E if I didn’t have a fast pass or an 8am BOG.

What happens if i book a FP+ at say MK but then we decide not to bother on that day?

any penalty or issue?

could i cancel the day before to allow others to grab?