Do I dare to dream? (My January 2021 trip.)

Yeah, yeah. I started another thread about this yesterday, but not everyone reads every thread and this one’s different anyway, so quit your moaning. It’s Christmas. I’m on my own. Cut me some slack.

So I’ve booked a trip for three weeks time. Got great deals on flights and accommodation. Everything has slotted into place incredibly well. A very productive afternoon has been spent booking trains and hotel airports and all the little things you need to do. In many ways, it’ll be a perfect trip.

Oh, except legally I can’t actually take the trip. I can’t fly to the US, despite having tickets to do so. Well, I can, but they’ll send me straight back home. I think. I dunno.

Unless, President Trump (I call him that now, I’m trying to suck up to him) rescinds his presidential directive and allows UK peeps back into the US. There’s talk that he might. Well, he might do a lot of things. There’s a lot of talk.

Anyhoo, there it all is. Booked and ready to go.

But dare I dream? Not wanting to jinx it, I haven’t even put it in my calendar. I’m over 50% sure it’s not going to happen. Maybe over 60%. I haven’t done the math. It’s complicated.

It’s an odd position to be in. I’m not going to let myself do any planning because that will, you know, jinx it. And make the fact that I have to cancel it at the last minute all the more disappointing. I’ve already had two major WDW trips cancelled under me. Ouch.

Yet I can’t resist the temptation to have a sneaky little look at crowd calendars and opening hours. And maybe think about goals for the trip.

As it’s a sneaky last minute trip, I kinda want to use it to do things I wouldn’t do on a regular trip. Like eat at places I wouldn’t normally consider, or I wouldn’t normally have time to squeeze in. Like TuneIn lounge. If it’s open. It’ll be pretty much quick service all the way — this trip is very much being done on a budget. (Well, OK, I’m flying first class, but if you saw how cheap the ticket was, you would have booked it, too. And I’m not some kind of hobo. You really don’t expect me to fly coach, do you? Those people back there don’t even wash. I’m pretty sure of it. Besides, I’m not even staying on Disney property. I’m staying at UOR. On an AP rate. Crazy cheap.)

So . . . do I casually flick through lists of quick service locations, and maybe ponder ride priorities? Or do I forget about the whole thing and wait until the day before I’m scheduled to fly before actually giving the trip serious thought?

It’ll sort of be like Christmas! I’ll open a box and inside will either be a “Yay! You’re going to Disney World tomorrow!” Or “Boo! Better start cancelling everything.”


I think your only choice is to keep planning as if it will happen and enjoy the excitement of the minutiae while you can. :man_shrugging: If it doesn’t happen, you can always reschedule.


I really hope you are able to go! What fun it will be! If it were me, I’d save all the detail planning for the plane ride, because what else is there to do on a plane for 800 hours while crossing the atlantic anyway? All of my fingers, toes and eyes are crossed for you that you are able to take this trip!


Of course you keep planning! Do you/will you get a couple of days of Disney tickets? Is this the first time you are staying onsite at Universal?

That’s pretty smart.

I’ll just say Delta One® “suite” and leave it there.

But you can add a layover to the 800 hours transatlantic flight time. Each way. No direct flights to MCO from the UK right now.

My special friend is giving me Club 33 tickets, so that side of things will be free. I’ll have four full days. The Club 33 tickets give unlimited park hopping and FPPs. (What? I’m a nice person. I deserve it.)

Yes. The current plan is that I will actually only visit UOR on departure day, giving me about six hours. I’ll probably activate my AP and use one of my Express Passes I bought for my June trip this year.

I can live without riding Hagrid. I just want to hang out in WWOHP and maybe do some rides.


Really, you would be silly not to go- it is practically free.

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My budget was $2,000. It’ll end up being closer to $2,500.

Flights, transportation, tips and food?

I am confused. It is a Sundaynright now. Is Sunday a day when you WANT to go back to WDW, or was it a day you have fallen out of love with it? Maybe that’s Tuesday…

So confused!

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Yeah. The bulk of which is the flight. I mean, Delta One (out, it’s Virgin Upper Class home) was naughty. But it was also “only” double the cost of premium economy and that is really cheap for that product. I’m paying well under half what you would expect to pay in normal times.

Food will be all quick serve. My friend is staying at a Marriott and gets free breakfast and I can get in on that action.

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Like I say, my hopes aren’t high.

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Why not dream! Hope you get Disney soon.

Remember that this is what you are up against it you come here…

Well… 4 yr olds have to wear a mask right? I hate ppl.

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I assume people at WDW have COVID. I would be shocked if they didn’t. That is why the mask mandate is so important! The number one protection for everyone.

If the 4 year old is wearing a mask, and the rest of the family, then if you, also, are wearing a mask, risk is mitigated.

Except when eating. Or when their parents aren’t very diligent and a cast member hasn’t wandered by (and been willing to intervene) recently.

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This is the way the world ends.


Honestly I’m most shocked that they publicly admitted the positive test.

The right thing to do of course is not to go, but I feel for them given the specifics (no symptoms and no one else testing positive could mean a false positive - could also mean false negatives and more positives coming soon). Tbh if it was me I might try to take the test again and see if it comes back negative for everyone. But that’s why I didn’t reschedule my trip until May, so I wouldn’t be faced with that decision.


It also depends on when she was diagnosed…how many days has it been until they leave? Still, I feel the pain in the decision.

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OK, so here’s what happened.

Yesterday afternoon, the UK prime minister “cancelled” Christmas. While that didn’t affect my own plans for Christmas, it sent a shockwave through the national psyche, including mine. What really hit home was the emergence of a more virulent strain of COVID.

At some other point in the day I read that Reuters were reporting that the US might reopen flights to the UK.

Put the two things together and I guess I went a bit nuts. Triumph of hope over reality.

I listened to the midnight news about an hour ago. Countries are pulling down their shutters to the UK. France is not allowing lorries to cross the Channel to enter French ports. While French lorry drivers can enter the UK, the don’t want to for fear they may not be able to return to France. The Channel tunnel has been closed. Our health secretary is saying the new variant is “out of control” and that the more server restrictions announced yesterday may last for months.

What was I thinking booking that trip? Like I said, hope (desperation?) over reality.

Well, I’ve just cancelled it all. No financial loss involved. Just some pride. And the crushing of some hope.

I am so done with all this.