DME Luggage Pickup and Delivery Experience

I haven’t been to Disney since 2010. I was a regular as a kid and teen. My upcoming trip will be the first time I’ve flown into Orlando and used the Disney Magical Express (DME). I’m leery about attaching these yellow luggage tags to my luggage at my departure airport and hoping to see them again in my room at my resort later in the day. Has anyone had a bad experience with this service? I understand the luggage will take up to four even five hours to make its way from the airport to your resort. That’s not what troubles me. I’m more concerned with luggage going missing/getting lost. I’d like to use the service to avoid having to collect my bags after my flight and transporting them on the bus and storing them at the resort until my room is ready.

I did it going there and going home no problems for us… I think more often then not it’s fine but I have read on here some people having an issue.

My luggage has always made it…eventually. 2013 was the most stressful…we were all running the Wine and Dine Half…and the resort told us they had no idea when our luggage would arrive. It arrived at 3AM later that same night…waking us all up, but we were so thankful we didn’t care.
Other than that, I’ve never had an issue!

I regularly do DME with several people coming in from different places on different flights. The only time I have had trouble with a bag showing up was the one time that I didn’t get the yellow tags early enough to get them out to everyone, and we turned in the suitcase IDs from the airline check tags.

MCO is really good about pulling all of the yellow-tagged luggage straightaway.

I have used the DME luggage tags over a dozen times the last few years. Never had a problem.

Never had a problem and as a matter of fact, luggage always arrived in just a couple hours…you can always pack essentials in carry on bag

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I have never had a problem and I have used it about 20 times?

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We’ve used it on all of our trips and never had an issue! Our luggage usually arrives within two hours.

I have used it 4 times with no issues.

No issues ever. Love the service. Makes it so nice arriving in MCO

That said it’s also no big deal to retrieve your bags and bring them with you to DME.

Just easier especially if you have plans on arrival to let them do it

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Can one use this service and not actually get on DME? We have to pick us DS from the airport and don’t want to deal with the luggage, we just want to head to the park.

@Pod No, you have to be ON the bus WITH your luggage.

It works perfectly…as long as you understand that it isn’t instantaneous and your luggage will be a few hours behind you. Example: we got 5 am luggage on a 9 pm (if I remember correctly) arrival. This was a lesson for me and now I will always bring everything we absolutely need for that night in a carryon if we arrive in the evening. (I had rxs and things, but no PJs.)

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Right, I thought it would probably be that way, as it is with air travel. Thanks!

Never a problem using it on lots of trips. Just make sure to pack any medications/things you have to have immediately in carry-ons. I’d also note that if you’re arriving late and just want to go to bed, waiting on DME to deliver your luggage so you can go to sleep can be bad. But that would be the only time I’d consider not using the luggage delivery service.

Yeah, it’s a shame because would be so convenient, but I think because of security issues, etc. they just won’t do it.

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Right. I remember getting waived through customs in Toronto because my bags were already on the flight. They needed me to get on that plane! Even though I probably owed a little bit of money. As it turns out, some other poor soul got held up in customs and had to have their bags taken off the pane, but at least it wasn’t me!

If you use the yellow tags you’re not on the bus with your luggage anyway.

Officially, it’s not a luggage service. People do use it as such and take an Uber, and usually it will be fine. However, should anything happen, like your bags not arriving on the plane, and they realise you weren’t on the bus then they wouldn’t be going out of their way to help. So you might end up having to go back to MCO to speak to your airline.

If you need to hand over the luggage tags then clearly you’re going to have checked in for DME.


The bags don’t travel with you on the bus if you use the yellow luggage tags.

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They go on a later bus?