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Hi everyone! I figured it was time to rip the bandaid off and get on the forum!

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Everyone should check out the Disney wallpaper post Tons of Disney pics you can download!

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Awww Does she like rubbing on the corners of the box too? Charlie does all the time. Take care of that wrist and Have a safe trip my friend!

Morning everyone... Monday Monday another day to try and get some work done LOL Hope everyone has a great day...

New dashboards are here.. Something else to learn guys....http://forum.touringplans.com/t/new-dashboards/2483


I am not sure if I am doing this right, but I will give it a try . . . .


Thanks!! I had a picture of him when I took him to Disneyland that had the hat and a little pair of red shorts like Mickey Mouse wears, but he was 5 weeks old then, would have looked like a tiny speedo now lol!!


I made it back to the Forum - a minor victory since it's taken a whole week to find the DLR peeps. Have a fresh picture from our trip yesterday - wondering how long it will take to work out sharing it?


That now is so darn cute!!!!!

I am still trying so hard to figure this out!! I will try and post one of dd!


Don't drop the churro! wink

Hang in there @4KIDDOS ! It can be totally frustrating at times.. I posted in the wrong places a few times lol You'll notice you don't see your reply right away sometimes but it's there. Same with pictures. At least we are here right?!

Her d@#$ Auntie bought her a churro and then proceeded to buy her this big sucker. anyone else bought one of these, the kid give it a few good licks, then where do you put it?? lol luckily a nice lady gave us her brand new zip lock, the tears were a coming!!


Too Cute!! Oh yes the BIG sucker... On the hands in the hair stickey stickey lol DD still loves them too smile

Could her auntie be @Nana2011? Think she might be that kind of auntie too! Loves her sweets especially the churro! LOL

How funny!! Even funnier because @nana2011 has a trip Sept 2015 just like me and was hoping would ne at the same time, but she is the beginning and I am the the 2nd or 3rd week. My twins turn 4 Sept 14th and I want to take them and celebrate!!! nana is taking her sis also!!

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That would be soo awesome... I too am hoping to meet up with her this November. The WDW side has a post of all their meets. I don't know how they pull it off so often but they look like they are having a blast!! One day it will be all us .. Now that would be super awesome!!

I took dd when she was 3,4 and 5, each on our b-day months, the last trip I brought my 5 week old ds and it was wonderful! This next trip I will have my twin ds and I feel like they have missed out on sooo much being double trouble, but soooooo sad they are growing up, really having a hard time with it. I predict 2015 and then another 2 years until my baby is 4 until we go again, so time is precious, but I don't have facebook, so connecting with other people is so new/awesome to me, it is just so exciting!!!


Awww.... So precious... Me too no FB so I've been going crazy posting pics over here! Go for it...we love to see all of them!