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Ok... Testing 1 2 3 Testing... This will be an easier way for us to find one place to chat and ask questions... So glad to have more and more post pictures and giving likes here and there @nana Thank you for all the likes.. On my way to that 25 likes badge..


Gave you a like--helping out smiley


Great idea. Maybe this will help bring all of us the forum!

Hi guys!

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Yay, youmade it! Since I lived your advise abut POR, HAVE YOU EVER STAYED AT The Catle Inn and Suites at DL?

No we haven't. Glad you liked POR! Did you end up in alligator bayou or the mansions?

Castle Just seems too far a walk for me but I have never stayed there. www.getawaytoday.com has a great deal on Castle but the Clarion is better and you can use the shuttles at Toy Story Lot. I still like Ramada Inn Main Gate at the Park and walking.


Found it!

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Welcome @btw760!

Aww.. Thanks Rose!!

That's so funny @Nana2011 because I too have gotten nothing done Jessica's like Mom are you making dinner?? We're not having subway again?? LOL So now we are going to make grilled chees and tomato soup sit on the patio and pretend we are at the jolly holiday!

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Kraft. That for some reason is the only one Ive ever tried. Mom bought it and I continued..

Oh yeah Campbell's plain tomato soup. Exactly what we had! The last few times I've made this I put some kraft parm cheese on the butter before I toast it.....


@woohook, we stayed in the mansions, very close to the main pool. Loved the whole experience. Really want to go back.

@jack, we also like the Ramafa MainGate. We go a great deal at the Castle Inn right next the the nahm Plaza for next weenend. Super excited! @tink...now I am hungry! Always use Kraft and Campbells. MMMmmm!

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Trying to post a photo! We'll see how this works!


It's the Incredibles!! So glad to see you guys!! @mattandfawn

Cute! Hi @mattandfawn

Hi everyone! I figured it was time to rip the bandaid off and get on the forum!

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