Disneyland Paris Trip Report!

I’m back with another trip report…but this time I’m coming to you from EuroDisney! I hope you’ll forgive me posting in the WDW section for this, but since we have such a small number of DLP reports, I hoped this would be helpful for others!

I’m currently on the RER A train from Paris heading to Marne-La- Vallee. I’ve been traveling with friends through Europe for the last 10 days (Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris) but now the group has split up and I’m heading solo to Disney!

I’ve got two nights booked at Hotel New York. I had planned to get up early to try and be at the parks this morning at opening, but after lots of walking the past week, I needed a slower start this morning.

Plan for today is to get to the station and use the Disney Express services to leave my bags and pick up my tickets and head into DLP. No firm itinerary today besides dinner at Chez Remy. Since I’ve got 2.5ish park days, I’m not planning any Premier Access purchases, but I’m open to it if there’s something I really want to do and it’s packed.

The weather has been pretty warm here, with highs around 80 the next few days, so it’s almost like I’m in Florida :sweat_smile:

My plan is to do a semi-live report. Probably not minute by minute, but hoping to report back to help anyone else planning to come to Paris soon!


Oh lovely!
Have a super time :fr::mouse::fr::mouse:


Disney Express was a breeze once I arrived at the station. Dropped my bags and picked up my park ticket card. I can pick up the bags at the hotel any time after 5. After a quick stop at Pret for a croissant, I’m into Parc Disneyland!

There was a show going on in the hub, and it’s cloudy, so I bypassed getting close to the castle for now.

5 minute posted wait for Phantom Manor, so that’s the first stop!


Enjoy! I’m sure your report will be really useful.


Really looking forward to following along. Hoping to make it there in 2023!


I’m so happy for you!
DH and I cancelled our 2017 trip to DLP bc kid-schedule-family hurdles. I’ve visited in my brain a 1000 times, though. So excited for this!


After Phantom - fun! Similar beats although a different story to HM…and a little creepier - I grabbed a Minnie shortbread and a soda and explored Frontierland a bit before heading over to Indiana Jones. It was a 30 min posted but I hopped into single rider and waited 3 minutes. It’s short and rough, but I actually enjoyed it. The loop was fun. I wouldn’t wait long for it, or pay for Premier Access, but I expect I’ll do it a couple more times this trip via single rider.

Caught Louie doing meet and greets outside Indy and Rafiki around the corner as well.

Found a dark entrance to La Verte de la aterre and walked through to find a twisty path through a cave with no one else in it. Creepy in a way, but fun to get lost in for a bit. Made my way out into the skull island area and spent some time exploring which was delightful. Similar vibes to Tom Sawyer’s Island which I admittedly don’t visit often.

I popped into the Aladdin walkthrough as I passed. It’s a quick and cute experience and the scenes are well done.

Once I came out and back into the hub the show/parade was about to start so I stayed and watched. It was SO good. The music is fun and catchy, everyone can dance so well, and it included lots of great mashups and some fun characters like Judy Hops and Miguel. Everyone danced along and the beat will be in my head for a while. Definitely plan to catch it again. I was going to pop under the castle, but looks like it’s closed at the moment. I’ll check back later.

The sun is slowly starting to push through the clouds, and the crowds don’t seem too bad at all.

Next stop is Tomorrowland to see what fun stuff I can find.


Same! This trip was originally planned for 2020 so I feel like I’ve been thinking about it forever. I’m glad to be able to experience the 30th though, so silver linings.

Hope you get here soon!


Is it noon there? Looks very mild crowd-wise!!

Just a bit after 1. It seems like very mild crowds to me as well, despite it being a bank holiday. I expected today to be the busiest of the three I’m here, so if that’s the case it could be a great visit.


Next up is Single Rider for Hyperspace Mountain. It said it’s a 20 min wait and the regular standby is 35, so potentially not a big time savings but I wanted to check it out. I’m at 20 min now and still have a ways to go, so should have just gone in the normal queue.

Love the outdoor loading platform though.


Sounds fantastic so far!


I’ll be reading your trip report with interest. I’ve only been to DLP once on a business trip. 3/4 of a day. It’s exploring the park layout that’s so much fun the first time! Enjoy the experience!!


Space ended up being a 32 min wait for SR. Well worth it. I didn’t look up any specifics for the rides so I was not totally prepared for a launch and a full on real thrill roller coaster. Excellent.

Star Tours is a posted 15, so keeping it in the Galaxy for a bit. Actual 20 min, and it was all in French but of course it’s easy to understand the story even if you haven’t ridden it a million times at the American parks. The Cast Member loading the car was super impressive, speaking to the group in French, Spanish and English.

Crowds and wait times have definitely picked up, so I did some browsing of the shops along Main Street. Hoping to get a new pair of ears but the selection is pretty limited so far. Would love to find the blue 30th ones.

I picked up a croque monsieur and now I’m enjoying the beautiful weather.


Enjoyed my lunch and caught the beginning of the hub show again. Big fan of the soundtrack. Decided it’s time to go check out the Studios for a bit and maybe catch a show. The Frozen one goes on a break after today, so planned to prioritize that one. I got over to Studios about 10 min before a show but it was already full and people were already in line for a showing over an hour from now.

I went ahead and bought reserved seating for Mickey and the Magician. Not sure if it’s necessary, but was willing to try it out.

Just walking around Studios now until showtime. This park desperately needs Avenger Campus and the Frozen land. It’s half a park at best right now.

Peeped one of my favorite DLP YouTubers in the wild as well!



Is it getting a Frozen land?

Mickey and the Magician? Is it like Mickey and Magic Map or whatever it’s called at DLR? If so - it’s a great show.

There’s a big sign for it, so that’s my understanding. In 2023 I think?

I’m not sure about the Mickey and the Magic Map show, I haven’t seen that one! This one gets pretty rave reviews online, even in French, so I’m excited.


Ratatouille has a 5 min posted SR line (45 min standby) so hopping in that before the show since I know the seating arrangement is beneficial to make this line move quickly.


Arrived at 4pm for the 4:25 show with advance reservations. We were let in to the theater at 4:15. There were definitely a LOT of people waiting through standby. Seems like folks are willing to wait a while for shows, so that’s good to know for planning. To be sure of getting in it seems you really have to be there almost an hour before the show. It’s a pretty big theater, but not sure if they fit everyone from standby. Reservations didn’t get reserved seats, but got to choose seats before they let in standby. The ticket said to arrive 30 min early, but I think the main thing is to be there before they open for standby so seems like 10-15 min early would be fine.

While I was waiting a Cast Member took my information to get a survey sent to me about the show. He said they’ve made some changes and want to see what people think. Should get that by email in the next couple of days.