Disneyland Paris tips?

Sadly, no touringplans for Disneyland Paris and the last “Unofficial Guide” published is way too old to be of help. Any recommendations for tour guides or just plain suggestions on what not to miss because it is different from WDW?


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It’s been years since I’ve been. @melcort10 has been recently and might have more relevant advice.

Don’t RD a character meet. Rides will start at or before RD, but characters won’t come out immediately.

Space Mountain is different to WDW.

Allow time to explore the Alice In Wonderland maze and the castle.

Hope you have a good trip!

Hi! We were there this summer and had a great time. Tell me about your group! Kids? Are you staying onsite? Are you into the characters or thrill rides, etc?

Biggest take away is that it’s very different, aka smaller, than WDW! I’ll figure out how to link my trip report when I get on my computer.

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Here is my trip report, it starts in Paris so you can fast forward if you aren’t super interested in candy or laundry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: DLP adventures start at post 189. I would really be glad to help you out because I know EXACTLY this feeling!

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I’m a professor traveling with a bunch of college students. DLP is an optional day but I think a good number of them will be traveling with me. I don’t plan to have us all stick together but they may want to stick with me. We are up for anything with an emphasis on anything that is ONLY to be found in the French park!

So sorry that this got away from me! For a group of college students you will have a very different experience than me, but hopefully I can help! First, all the “thrill” rides are bigger and better in France. So I would definitely plan to hit up Hyperspace Mtn and Big Thunder Mtn. Phantom Manor is also really different than the US so that’s very cool.

I would probably (sacrilege!) skip all/most of Fantasyland or at the very least save it for the very end of the night. Peter Pan is the same as WDW, but if they are into dark rides, Snow White and Pinocchio are along the same lines as each other. I would probably try to do It’s a Small World - I can’t put my finger on why but I thought it was better than the US version. Depending on interests/personalities, the kids might get a kick out of doing the Alice in Wonderland maze. It’s cute and unique and you can do that during the height of the day if there are long lines.

You might notice that I haven’t mentioned the Studios Park. The only things worth doing over there are Ratatouille and Crush. If you are paying for a day ticket, I would personally save money and just do the Disneyland Park. If you do get a hopper, then I would probably rope drop one of those rides and then immediately hop. (Especially since Rat is at Epcot now.)

Since you have all adults I would suggest getting a sit down lunch reservation if you can. I thought the food was pretty good and the restaurants are VERY well themed. I’m not sure I could even pick a favorite. We ate at all the open ones except Captain Jack’s.

Let me know if you have more questions! Are you staying in Paris? The train is definitely super easy to get there. Have fun!!!

Hi @melcort10 sorry to hijack the conversation, but I’m also planning a disneyland paris trip for the first time! I’m used to going to WDW and am a bit of an OCD planner, but since we are living in Europe, my boyfriend and I decided to go for a weekend in two weeks… I feel like I’m super late to the planning and was wondering if you had any tips! Is it really important to stay on-site? Even the cheaper options are really expensive the days we’re going so we were considering taking an airbnb. Would it be a big mistake to miss out on the extra magic hours? I know we have to wait regarding the passes until day of, but is there anything else we need to plan or reserve in advance? Sorry for all the questions!

Hi! Happy to help. I, too, felt that sense of dread at going blind into a new park!

I don’t think that on-site is essential. Not everything is open for the early hours anyway. I am not sure what you mean by passes, but you definitely need to buy tickets and book reservations ASAP. I know some days sell out because France is still limiting capacity quite a bit. I would also see if you could get a meal reservation.

I would probably start with Big Thunder and Phantom Manor and then go over to Discoveryland and do Hyperspace Mtn, Buzz, Star Tours. Then maybe do the train and the maze in the middle of the day and eat something. Pirates always seemed to be a short line as well as Indiana Jones (it’s a hike to the back of the park!). If you want to do the Fantasyland stuff I would save that for the end of the night. We walked on all the dark rides after 8pm. Many of the “kiddie” rides are skippable or the same as WDW, but don’t miss It’s a Small World!

Be very mindful of the hours for the snack stands and the quick service restaurants, especially if you are staying off site. Many close weirdly early and they aren’t like WDW where they will let you line up until 5pm if they close at 5. If they close at 5, they will cut the line off so that the stand shuts promptly at 5.

Do you want to do the Studios? That’s a whole different beast!

Thanks for the help! I’m feeling completely blind going into this trip, which is a very new feeling for me.

I’m looking to buy/reserve tickets and hotel today and start looking at restaurant reservations (any you recommend?), but the new paid passes and standby passes are day of only right?

We are also willing to pay for some of the paid passes (especially since we would be saving EUR 300 by staying off site). I think the ones you mentioned first would be my priorities then. I’m okay missing some of the fantasyland stuff.

We want to do the Studios to do Crush coaster, ratatouille and tower of terror. I know that two of those are in WDW but with all of the travel restrictions, I’m not sure when we’ll go to the US parks again. We were planning on spending 2 days in the parks but from what I’ve read, the bulk of our time would most likely be in DLP.

Also, do you know if entertainment is back? Like parades and shows? Any you recommend?

Thanks again, really appreciate it.

Ok, I understand what you mean by passes now! Yes, the “premier access” passes you buy through the app when you are there. Definitely download that app now. That’s where you make the dining reservations too. We liked everywhere that we ate! Take a look at what is available and the menus. I don’t think you can go wrong. Captain Jack’s looks the coolest but the menu wasn’t quite up our alley. We really liked Remy’s and the Plaza was also really nice. (Great wine at the Plaza!) They don’t do the standby pass for Crush anymore so that’s one less thing to stress about.

If you have two days, I would rope drop the Studios Park on your first day and likely a half day would be all you need. There is no early entry there right now so you’re good to go there. Run to Crush and then do Ratatouille. ToT never seemed to have too much in terms of a wait. I wouldn’t really wait for much in the Toy Story area but that’s up to you. The tram ride is a hike but we never really waited and it was cute. Otherwise they have lots of selfie spots. If you can get a reservation at Remy’s I would do that.

That gives you 1.5 days at Disneyland Park which should be plenty. They have the cavalcades but now parades. Although I heard rumors of a Halloween parade. They just reopened the Lion King show! No fireworks since the castle is still covered. Mickey’s Philharmagic closes at 3pm so if you want to do that it’s allllll the way behind Hyperspace Mtn. I think the Orbitron might reopen soon which would be cool for you!

Let me know if you have any more questions! I assume you know you need proof of vaccine/negative test and you need to scan the French Covid app at all the restaurants. Have fun and tell me how it goes!!

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Thanks for all the great tips! We have the health pass requirements everywhere in Switzerland as well so we are used to that.

I’ll let you know how the trip goes!

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I’m not sure when you are going, but a BUNCH of parades and shows just got announced because France eliminated physical distancing requirements. Have so much fun!!

I saw!! Unfortunately it’s after my trip (nov 6th), but I guess it’s a good excuse to plan another trip next year :slight_smile:

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I forgot about Agrabah Cafe! I can’t believe it. That was our FAVORITE! If you enjoy (relatively Western) middle Eastern food, then this place is fantastic! And so well themed.

I actually made a reservation there so great to hear you liked it!! Did you eat at any quick service? I’ve heard mostly horrible things…

Yes! We ate at Hakuna Matata twice because it was really good. We had Mickey waffles from the windmill as well that were delish. I don’t think we did any other quick service because I also heard it was terrible. But Bella Note looked decent and the theming looked really cool. (But we didn’t end up eating there.)

Have you watched SeeYouInMainStreet on YouTube? They are super fun vloggers from the Netherlands and they have lots of reviews.

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I haven’t, but I’ll check their videos out. Thanks for the suggestions!!

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