Nous aimons Mickey Mouse! Et Paris

And we are off! So begins our journey to celebrate Oma’s 70th birthday in the south of France. DH grew up in Germany and his Mom’s side of the family is all there, including his sister. We haven’t seen Oma since October 2019 and most of the other family since summer 2018 when we rented a house for 24 people on Cape Cod.

Oma rented a house for 25 (now including DS2!) just outside of Lyon, France for the last week in August. This trip has been on again and off again more times than I can count! But we have started driving to the airport so it’s currently on! I’ll feel a little more comfortable when we leave the ground tonight at 8:30pm.

Before we reunite with Oma my family of 4 (DH, DS2 and DS5) will be doing a week in Paris followed by 3 nights at Disneyland Paris!! I promise lots of pictures and as much insight as I can offer on the paid fast pass and standby pass. I’ve prepped the poor children that there are no Mickey bars but lots of Nutella!

Thanks for joining us! I packed these shirts for a redo in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.


So exciting!! Safe travel!!

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I want all the details…I’m thinking of replanning my 2020 trip soon.


I posted this before in the countdown thread, but this is one of our suitcases filled with candy for the Germans. So this is my available space for Disneyland merch and wine! Definitely getting a spirit jersey but not sure what else yet!


Imagine being the one who randomly selects this suitcase to audit?!


This surprises me bc all my European relatives swear that American chocolate is nasty and tastes like cheese. It’s the sour undertone of American chocolate like Hershey’s.


Safe travels!! Hope it’s a fab trip.

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Safe travels!

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I definitely don’t think they would want me to bring regular chocolate but somehow Europe hasn’t mastered PB! 90% of the bag is a form of Reese’s. And Dan’s sister spent a few years in the US and begs for the super sugary stuff like sour patch kids and twizzlers.


I’m so excited to follow! I would love to someday visit all of the Disney parks! I feel like Shanghai and/or Hong Kong might be first, though.


Can’t wait to follow along as well. My 2020 DLP trip was cancelled, but I’ve rescheduled for next May! Look forward to all the Liner tips.

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This is true. American chocolate is ghastly. But there’s a reason. I saw a documentary about it. America is big and has a very varied climate. Normal, nice chocolate can’t handle the big changes in temperature it would experience during transportation around the country. So they have to make horrid “chocolate” instead.

Excited to hear about the DLP trip. I’m allegedly going back there in December.


Ah, that makes sense.

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Fab! Safe journey!

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Most American chocolate is grim but reeses get a pass because I love peanut butter and it overpowers the chocolate taste. We love twizzlers!


For reasons I cannot explain, Twizzlers are my travel candy. Driving, flying, or anything else I gotta have a big bag of twizzlers with me.

We don’t keep them on hand at home because I’d be a candidate for My 600lb Life


We didn’t enjoy Twizzlers at all.
The American sweets we like are junior mints, milk duds and milky way simply caramel :yum:

Sorry, that wasn’t meant to be directed at you @OBNurseNH. I’m having tech farts :see_no_evil:


No worries at all.

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Junior mints are one of my faves.

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Next summer I’ll put milk duds in the suitcase for Scotland! Since I will absolutely not be tempted to eat them!!