Disneyland Hong Kong trip report - June 2014

Hi All – This is my trip report from a trip to Disneyland Hong Kong this summer. I posted this exact report on Chat this summer, but since @outer1 asked to see it, I’m sharing again on the forum.

Overall: DLHK is cute, smaller and more compact, even smaller than DLR. It’s very much a park for HK locals and visitors from the Chinese mainland. The guests were overwhelmingly Chinese, I maybe saw 6 other westerners.

I went on a Sunday, and seemed to be a lot of guests coming late in the day (like me, I was only there from around 3-9). I think they have a lot of annual passholders who treat it as a day trip from HK.

Getting there: taking the metro from downtown HK was incredibly easy, cleanest and easiest metro system I’ve ever been on. The DLHK stop is a spur off a main line, so that train only goes back and forth to the DLHK station.

The train must be run by Disney cause, it’s a Mickey train!! This was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. http://instagram.com/p/o8k4zuukV8/ http://instagram.com/p/o8lELEukWY/ http://instagram.com/p/o8lNj3OkWv/ http://instagram.com/p/o8l8skOkX3/

Entrance to the park looks similar http://instagram.com/p/o8mJafukYN/ http://instagram.com/p/o8mRo9ukYX/

Main Street USA is kind of sad. It’s short and half is behind a scrim, I don’t know how it’s been like this. The stores and restaurants are very similar. http://instagram.com/p/o8maQIukYo/

Castle reminded me a lot of the one in DLR, pretty small, but cute. http://instagram.com/p/o8mjcLukY4/ http://instagram.com/p/o8s7YqOkVL/

I was only there 3 hours, so tried to get to see what they don’t have anywhere else. DL HK has 3 mini lands that are only there. One is Grizzly Gulch, with a coaster that is GREAT. Like a super BTMRR with a long backwards section.

Grizzly Gulch http://instagram.com/p/o8tS49OkWC/ http://instagram.com/p/o8tcnbOkWa/ http://instagram.com/p/o8tlweukWy/

Toy Story Land is another DL HK only land. I didn’t ride any of the rides as they were all pretty basic carnival rides. The theming was fantastic. http://instagram.com/p/o8tlweukWy/ http://instagram.com/p/o8uIT6OkX1/ http://instagram.com/p/o8uXVHOkYP/

And you can get MANGO Dole Whips there. With toppings. I got mine with strawberry boba and green apple jelly. http://instagram.com/p/o8u9SrOkZZ/ http://instagram.com/p/o8vFfNukZ0/

Last unique land was Mystic Manor, which is just a ride, garden and restaurant. Outside of Mystic Manor http://instagram.com/p/o8vd1zOkab/ Queue area for ride http://instagram.com/p/o8v0F7OkbJ/

Mystic Manor ride is INCREDIBLE. Premise is you’re in an explorer’s house and he’s found a magic music box, and when his monkey friend, Albert, opens the box, the artifacts in the house come to life. Blurry ride pic http://instagram.com/p/o8wGqlukbl/

The ride uses trackless vehicles controlled via computer, which is very cool technology – they can position the cars to give you the exact view of the effect they want. Pic of ride vehicles http://instagram.com/p/o8v8qyOkbZ/

I’ve never seen FOF parade at WDW, so I have no idea if these floats are duplicates or not. But the parade at DLHK seemed really short, like 8 floats with a few dancers between.
Pooh float http://instagram.com/p/o8z8BEukTG/ Combo Lion King-Jungle Book float http://instagram.com/p/o80S9nOkT1/
Stitch float (who is pretty popular over there) http://instagram.com/p/o80nsnukUX/ Toy Story float http://instagram.com/p/o80ze_OkUt/http://instagram.com/p/o80ze_OkUt/

Princess float was just 4 princess on a swan float. In general, not much princess presence in the parks. Maybe 1 princess M&G? http://instagram.com/p/o80LpoOkTq/

Space mountain had some cool planets and stars in the ride which was cool but the ambient light means you could see ahead of you http://instagram.com/p/o81uzlOkWp/

Tomorrowland at night http://instagram.com/p/o813eOOkW9/ http://instagram.com/p/o82Bm9ukXZ/

I’ve now rode 4 versions of IASW, they’re all pretty much the same, but HK has characters in the ride, like DLR. And pretty lights outside http://instagram.com/p/o82unWukYc/

Food - there were plenty of options, a mix of Chinese and western food (and others cuisines too). I was craving non-Chinese food at that point, so had “fish and chips” http://instagram.com/p/o838xyOkah/

Royal Banquet Hall restaurant rivals BOG for prettiest CS restaurant http://instagram.com/p/o83UBKukZX/

Souvenirs - I bought a lot. Excited to wear the hat and ears in the US parks to show off :slight_smile: and the little monkey is Albert from the Mystic Manor ride http://instagram.com/p/o84tl2Okb-/

I got the Dooney and Bourke tote bag for 70% off! I didn’t believe it was a real bag that heavily discounted but it was. It turned out to be about $70 US.

Fireworks! The display wasn’t as grand as the US parks, but they had fun spinners on the castle. Also, it was so hot and humid the smoke just stayed there, so I got the coolest fireworks pic http://instagram.com/p/o85XrxukdK/

See ya real soon! http://instagram.com/p/o85zTYukd8/


Thank you so much for posting that. Sounds like a really fun trip and those trackless vehicles are really cool. They use them in the ratatouille ride in Paris. Hoping they put one of those in with the new sections in HS.

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Thanks for sharing. Hadn’t heard a whole lot about this park. Definitely looks more like Disneyland than any other park I’m familiar with. I’d really love to see Mystic Manor, but don’t see myself going to Hong Kong anytime soon, so it’s good to hear from those who were there.

What were crowds/wait times like?

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Crowds weren’t bad at all, park felt really open at times. Wait times were weird, like at one point wait for the carousel was 30 min and mystic manor was a walk on. With only one day there it was hard to get a sense of what rides are most popular with their regular guests. Also, only two rides had fast pass- Space and Pooh.

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Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Great Trip Report

Both the castle and iasw appear to be carbon copies of the DLR versions - at least on the outside.

There are rumors that the Pixar Place expansion at DHS will be modeled heavily on the Toy Story Land in DHK.

Mystic Manor and Ratatouille both have 5-year exclusivity contracts at their respective parks, so a copy of either is a ways down the road for WDW. I don’t know if the ride system itself has any restrictions.

I watched a YouTube video of Grizzly Gulch and it looks awesome.

The FoF floats appear to be completely unique to DHK - at least they are completely different than in WDW.

Again, thanks for the report. I’ve been to HK, but LONG before DL; liklihood of ever going back is slim to nil. Loved the report.

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