Disneyland cancels reservations thru Aug. 22


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That doesn’t surprise me. Our governor has shut things down again. Some are blanket shutdowns. Orange County, where DLR is located, has rising COVID-19 case. And Anaheim has the highest number of cases. Like everywhere else, it is with the 49 and younger category. That’s why the number of deaths is low despite the number of cases.

I’m watching those Orange County numbers closely. DS20 is scheduled to return to UC Irvine in Orange County at the end of September. The college is doing almost all remote learning but a select few lab classes will be in person. He has two in person lab classes in the fall. So, we are nervous. Despite almost all remote learning, the dorm, some athletic activities, and other student activities will open. It surprises me that parents would be willing to pay for room and board for remote learning. But maybe there is concern that housing wouldn’t be available if classes will be in person Winter and Fall. Who knows, things are changing by the day. With the dorm, the university reimbursed Spring room and board. DS20 was off campus. We have had to continue paying rent, even though he has been home since the end or March.

I’m really glad our local zoo FINALLY got the go ahead to reopen. It will reopen next week. It was going to go bankrupt this month. Come on! You can meter people in the zoo!

I’m really hoping WDW will be successful in keeping COVID-19 out of the bubble. That will hopefully provide another data point for DLR and CA’s governor to reopen DLR. We wouldn’t fly to WDW from CA in the near future. But if DLR opens, we would strongly consider going since we are only a 6 hour drive away. If DS20’s roommates don’t return to their apartment in the fall, DH and I could bunk with him for a couple of days! Looking at the crowd level at WDW lately… Here’s to wishful thinking…:thinking::crazy_face::mask:


I am more than half expecting my DD20’s college (Redlands in San Bernardino County) to announce that they will be all online this fall. But for now, we are planning to drive her down around August 20. An ideal time for a DLR visit! But alas, that is not happening.

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Less than a month away… the unknown is hard for the super planners On this forum!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I just cancelled our hotel reservation for DLR. We had it from August 21-25, but I don’t think there is any hope. We also have other reservations for that time period to see Lassen Volcanic and Channel Islands National Parks. We’ll see if that even happens. I have made and cancelled so many hotel reservations during these last few months!


I’m sad to hear this but hope you find your way to the parks soon!

All the colleges in our area (central CA) have opted to go back online for the fall semester.

I am expecting the same for U of Redlands but they have not yet pulled the trigger on that decision.