Disneybounding 2019

I did a search for disneybounding but the threads seem dated.

Has anyone done recently?

Today is DD’s 15th birthday and we are shopping, primarily for bounding clothing.

So far she’s found a pinstriped women’s suit for Jack Skellington and some Capri pants for Pooh.

We’ve found a shirt for DD6 to be Eeyore and are looking for pants for me for Rabbit.

Any other bounders?


I mean, I wear a lot of gray and am kinda mopey, so I’m kinda Eeyore myself


I’m thinking it was the 2015 trip my grandniece - 10 at that time - did an Elsa outfit. She had sparkly sequined sneakers, turquoise capri length leggings, an Elsa t-shirt possibly and a white lacey longish vest. The way I explained it to the 10 year old is: what would Elsa wear today, to Disney?

This year she, her mom and her grandmother are doing MNSSHP as the Three Caballeros. Grammy is Jose - green capris and a button up yellow blouse. I think she might have some earrings going on too. I think her regular sandals.
My grandniece is Panchito. She’s got a red button up shirt to wear unbuttoned over a darker red tank top. She’s still looking for pants to match the tank. She bought a tan bandana to wear in place of a sombrero. We’ve urged her to get a toy gunbelt with double holsters and put small water bottles in. She prob won’t.

Mom is another story. She’s talking yellow leggings, white skirt, blue top, bandana and poss yellow crocs as well. I’m sure she’ll have jewelry. She’s doing Donald retro.

The fun part is that they’ve been shopping at Goodwill for their bounding outfits. I think we started 5 months ago. We’re beginning to get anxious about Panchitos’ pants.


I think @Lucinderella does it.


I love seeing all of the Disneybounding ideas on Instagram account - thedisneybound. There are tons of great ideas and they post a lot.

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I inadvertently bounded to OrangeTheory a couple of weeks ago. My studio manager pointed it out. :rofl:


I’m excited about this thread! I’m planning to bound for our SWGE visit, which shouldn’t be too hard. I only have a scarf so far, but we’re not going until Dec. I’d like to get our entire party bounded (6 adults) but one of my sons might give me grief over it (the other will prob enthusiastically participate). @Gnatjo thanks for mentioning the instagram account, will go follow it now! yay!


Me! Me! Some recent bounds for my summer in residence here at wdw…

I tend to do it any day that we head to the parks, but I’m terrible at remembering to take photos. LOL!!


That’s awesome!!

That’s funny.

Yeah. I got there and she was like “You look like the Little Mermaid!”

Completely unintentional!

BUT it has given me an idea for MNSSHP if I decide it is too hot for my Shank outfit.


I can’t say that I disneybound myself but I am always looking for Disney clothing. Hot Topic has a TON of great dresses and other pieces that would be great for bounding. They have just the right amount of detail.

Lovely. What shoes do you wear? That’s my hold up with bounding in dresses.

For those looking there are lots of ideas on Pinterest.


@JuliaMc wears some awesome sparkly shoes that look very comfortable.


Our hope is for my four girls and I to bound one day as Pooh characters and another day as the Fab Five. In both cases I need yellow shoes so I may splurge and treat myself to yellow converse. If not, I’ll grab some other yellow shoes.

I think a third day my two older girls and I will hound as individuals (not a trio) while the little two wear princess dresses. I’d go as Rapunzel. I haven’t decided which shoes I’d wear.

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Rapunzel is barefoot?

A skin colored shoe, maybe ?

My grandniece says your shoes should match the style of your bounding. More casual clothes, casual shoes. @JuliaMc has an elegant retro style so ballerina flats work.

I’m stumped on the first one – the cat is Lucifer, right? (My guesses for the 2nd and 3rd are Bo Peep and Disgust.)

I stumbled across some article about Disneybounding after booking our trip and I love the creativity. My family’s tolerance for now is matching t-shirts, but maybe if we have a future trip. :slight_smile:

My DD and I bounded a few times on our trip last month. Nothing too crazy, but we had fun.

Snow White at Artist Point

My DD was going for Happy

Nemo at Epcot


I am currently in the throes of compiling DisneyBounding outfits for our upcoming fall trip! It’s proving quite a challenge for me right now as my daughter doesn’t know we’re going, my husband likes to be a wallflower, and we’re both in a weight loss state, hahaha! But it’s a great activity to keep me distracted in the “not much to do planning-wise” state of vacation prep. :wink:

I’m trying to keep the main components just basic pieces and make the accessories the decorative flair. I’m also trying to DB collectively as a group each day for many of the days (i.e. Ariel, Prince Eric, Ursula for an example) and make our staple pieces into a sort of capsule vacation wardrobe that can be mixed and matched over the duration of stay and free up our luggage space. There is a great Instagram account (afamilyboundtogether) that has all sorts of great ideas for families and I love her casual ideas! She just put some ideas together for me for the afore-mentioned husband who prefers to be incognito. :joy: Best of luck! Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!!!


JuliaMC, I’d really like to know what the 3 outfits are. My guess for the 3rd one is Tinkerbell.

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