Disney World Themed Board Games

Shop Disney now has theme park themed board games! I have my eye on Pirates of the Carribean Battleship and The Game of Life: The Haunted Mansion, but I am not crazy about their price tags (as with most things Disney sells…) These might not be new, since it’s been a while since I’ve checked shop disney, but they caught my eye! Has anyone gotten these games? What do you think about them?


My other passion, outside of theme parks, is playing board games. Before C-19 I’d go to the hobby store on Sat. & play from Noon - ?? :rofl:

These games are just reskinned with Disney characters. They’re basically no different than the original Battleship & Game of Life. You are just paying for the IP.

Have you seen the new Jungle Cruise game? It’s really good!


There is also a line of games called “Villainous”. They are more complex and do have a hefty price tag, but are amazing


This company, Ravensberger, publishes some of the best games for IPs / families. Since I’m also a Universal fan I like their Jaws game too!

I haven’t played their Jurassic Park game as it is intended more for smaller kids, but it looks fun!

I almost forgot!!! This next one is probably my favorite of them all - Horrified - based on the Universal “Dark Universe” of classic monsters. Good for the whole family - You are Cooperating to stop the monsters!



Ravensberger also has some nice Disney themed puzzles! This one is my favorite.


Oh my goodness! I think I had heard about the Jungle Cruise game but it was only a mere whispering that it might maybe be a thing at some time. That is so exciting that it is out! Jungle Cruise is my absolute favorite Disney ride. It was always the first thing we went on when I was a kid. And I STILL laugh at all the stupid (but amazing) jokes. I think I kind of need this game in my life :rofl:


I edited & added a few extra games to the list once I got excited… What’s the age group of your family, if you don’t mind? That will really help with recommendations. :smiley:


I got so excited about the Jungle Cruise game that I forgot to thank you for the honest review. This is what I was afraid of, and with such a price. I was hoping the theming would be better. We have the Harry Potter Clue game, and while it is basically the same concept of Clue, there are a lot of HP twists that make it themed really well. The IP might get my kids interested in it, but I don’t know that it is worth that $$. I am willing to throw down some cash for a good board game but it has to be worth it. :smiley:


We have an almost seven year old, a ten year old, and one turning 12 next week

For those ages, I’d go with Jungle Cruise and Jurassic Park. If you can shop in store at Target they often have these deeply discounted. (I got my copy of Jaws for $10)

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Thank you!

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Picked this up years ago.
Fun and all part of “preparing” for the trip.

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We like Apples to Apples, Disney edition

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I was trying to convince my wife that Jaws game might be interesting… she just looked at me “And you’re going to let anyone else play the shark?”

So we moved on.

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Personally, I like being on the boat better! It feels more intense & you really have to work together!

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On that working together bit, do you think it loses something when there’s only 2 players?

I play a lot of board games. IMHO - if they aren’t specifically designed for 2 players only, they don’t play well that way. (Jaws is in this “boat” - pun intended)

If you are playing it 2 player, the player doing the “humans” side is really just dealing out all the cards that 3+ would get and doing it all. You miss the interactions trying to deduce where Jaws is in Phase 1 and the intensity of the hunt in phase two. It’s not “bad” it just feels more like say “battleship”. (I do this - are you there? Now, I do this - are you here?)


Yeah I thought that it might be that way and I know exactly what you mean.

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A family favorite for us right now!
OK, now I’m distracted. Can you compare the Jungle Cruise to some of the other Ravensburger games? El Dorado, for example?
Oh no. And a Hocus Pocus game?! DH is getting Disney games for his birthday this month. :laughing:

He’s the board-game fanatic, but I’m the Disney fan. These sound good for both of us


We have this and it’s pretty good: https://www.amazon.com/World-Disney-Found-Board-Game/dp/B00BYD5JMG

What makes it fun is that the board is huge and full of details. You can also bend the rules, make up your own, play in teams etc so it’s been enjoyable for smaller kids too.

Jungle Cruise is a “Roll & Move” game with set collections (If my lingo is unfamiliar let me know & I’ll break it down) It’s a pretty basic family game.

While El Dorado is more of a “racing” game with a bit more strategy & deck building. (another game I really like a lot!)

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Thanks. We’re definitely more strategy/deck builder fans than roll & move. Maybe we’ll stick with El Dorado for now.
Plus, I don’t think you can buy Jungle Cruise right now! Amazon looks like it’s sold out.