Disney World SW:GE Oga's Cantina Reservations open

Just grabbed breakfast on 10/17.



DANG! I just checked for my dates in October and January - nothing available except 9AM-ish, which doesn’t work in my touring plan at all…

And Savi’s Workshop as well

I booked a lunch reservation on 9/25 followed by a reservation at Savi’s two hours later.


Sweet! At least I got Savi’s. Thanks!

Booked drinks arrival night and the one “flexible” night!!! Thank you @jmenning !!

Just got Oga’s for dinner on our second HS day! Still trying for Savi’s. Says page is unavailable.

Looks like I can book Savi’s. Now, its possible that we will have to reschedule our trip. Can I cancel Savi’s if I have to change our trip to a later date?

Apparently Savi and the Droid workshop can be got through the app.

Also a word of warning, Oga’s at DL doesn’t actually have food. It does have one kind of snack.

It’s more of a bar than even a QS.

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After we are done at Savi’s, we have a reservation for Droid Depot next. Gonna be an expensive day!

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Thanks for the heads up! I can’t even get the menu to come up, but I snagged a couple reservations anyway.

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Yay finally got Savi’s too! Just had to try a couple times and I got to book no problem. Just high traffic today im sure.

Nice! I grabbed a breakfast.

Got mine for Oga’s and Droid Depot. It seems these don’t cover EEMH, so I guess these will be walkups during that time??

Got 2 reservations for the Droid Depot for our September visit. Hopefully this means no long wait in line.

A little bummed though. It says only 1 guest is allowed to tag along. Have 6 people on trip. Was hoping this would be a whole family experience/souveneir, but don’t want to spend an extra $100. :frowning: Wonder if they will be strict on that or not, since it dosen’t seem like that is the policy in DL.

I had the same question. Would prefer to do during EEMH, but got the reservation knowing I can cancel if they have walk ups during this time.

We got ours!!! So exciting. Now my question is…how does this affect the “virtual queue” access to SWGE?


awwwww yeah!!

Still on the fence about the Lightsaber though, so I’m holding off for now ($200 is just so much for a shelf-piece).

EDIT: Screw it. It’s only a reservation for now. I set one up.


The million dollar question. I made reservation for 8/30 to cover my bases


Thanks for the head’s up! Totally throws a wrench in my current touring plan, but I was able to grab a reservation for 9:40am. Hooray day drinking?? Hopefully they’ll let you re-enter the land if you have a reservation for the restaurant. Who knows how that is going to work…

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The website is screwing with me!! It won’t let me in :cry: