Disney Visa 0% financing vacation package

I’m coming up on my 45 day mark for paying off an upcoming package to Disney. I made the deposit using a different visa, that typically gives 3% back on travel. I am wondering if I use the Disney Visa for the payoff of the package if I’ll qualify for the 6 month 0% interest on that?

Thoughts? I figured a CM wouldn’t know the answer if I called to pay it off, and the Credit Card company may not know either, but perhaps someone HERE would know…

I don’t know, but I would call Chase. They are required to know.

Ok- fair enough. I’ll call Chase and will update here, in case it’s applicable to anyone else.

When I have booked a package in the past it was 6 months 0% for each payment.

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I forgot to check back here. We’re you able to find out?

I plan to call today and see if the reward they just released (5% back on Disney purchases, travel, gas for me) will stack on top of the 0% financing.

I think it just went up to 6% for Disney purchases.

I believe it’s 5% on Disney purchases and gas through August 15th.

Ooo I’m interested in that! Was wondering if paid for trip on card would count.

I got this on Thursday. I haven’t used my card in a while, so maybe I got an extra incentive?


lol, my offer was definitely just 5% for both Disney and gas stations. They clearly like you more than they like me :sob:

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I laughed because gas is sparse here still… but if I can use it on a vacation.


I am sorry :cry:! Like I said, I haven’t used it in a while. I think they are trying to suck me back in!

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It is not sparse here, but it is expensive!

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I just called them and he said they would stack. As long as the vacation package is booked directly through WDW and has the 8-digit code, the 0% interest should kick in automatically. Also, he said that there was a way to pay off your “non-package” charges and still keep the 0% interest on the vacation–

This is the scenario I asked him:

For instance if you charge $1500 on a vacation package, that should give you the 5% (or 6% for those lucky ducks) Disney Reward, anything over the $1500 limit (I don’t know if others got different limit amounts on this) would be the 1% rate. This entire charge amount would be eligible for the 0% interest for 6 months, since it’s a Disney vacation package.

Any other charges made (dining, whatever) would get the 1% reward rate, but would need to be paid off monthly as per normal. (Not eligible for the 0% financing)

If I paid off JUST these other charges plus whatever minimum on the vacation package, that would work. In other words, they wouldn’t apply the entire payment to the 0% vacation package first, leaving me to incur interest on non-0% purchases.

If you call Chase Disney CC, press “0” at some point to get to speak to a human. They kept wanting me to go to the app/website to “avoid waits” and once they gave me the “0” option there was not a wait at all- picked up right away by an agent.


Thank you for the details!! And this is for current card members, not a promo for opening a new card? I haven’t heard about it but I haven’t checked my email.

Mine came through email. I’m a current cardmember (since early 2000s I think)… I have an Amazon credit card through CHASE and I got the same offer (but not for Disney rewards, and just the gas/hotel/travel general categories).

Hm. I don’t have an offer. I will call and ask for it. Can’t hurt. I have the Premiere, if that makes a difference.


Your first statement after the charge will also break this down for you too.


Don’t feel bad. My offer was 5% as well.

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