Disney Visa 0% financing vacation package

Mine is 6% for Disney 5 % for gas and other travel.


Yeah I actually don’t feel bad about it at all. It’s just fun to kid around lol. 5% is so much better than the regular rate, I’m excited to rack up some rewards $ before our trip in November.


I’m curious, do you have the premier card?

I think that might be the difference between the two offers.

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I think that’s it, I do have the premier.


When did this 5% start??? DH is the primary cardholder and has no clue. We have the premier card. Just paid off the Disney vacation a week or two ago so I hope I got the higher points! Or is this brand new?

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Says from 5/15-8/15

Darn it! We paid our vacation 5/7 - so close!!!

Oh wow! Well check the email maybe can use it on trip? It’s says 6% on select Disney places And 5 on gas. Trying to find what Disney places! Also need to activate the offer.

Just a follow up to this original question I had on the 0% interest. TL;DR: The 0% packages apply automatically, no need to enroll. The 0% interest offer did stack with the cash back/Disney reward promo offer.

Details for those who distrust CC companies:

I paid off my package balances last month, and just received my Chase Disney bill. The 5% offer that I had activated appears to have been credited (nice!). The bill overall had only my 2 resort packages (split stay) and a DisneyStore purchase. The bill compartmentalizes them in to “Interest Saving Balance” (DisneyStore purchases) and overall balance (including packages.). In another part of the bill it lists the 0% interest “Qualified promo transaction”, which lists the expiration date of the promo rate as 6 months from the transaction date. I didn’t enroll in this special rate, it just kicked in automatically as part of the card benefits.

Small print states: “By paying your interest saving balance each billing period by your due date, you will avoid interest on purchases appearing on your next statement. If your Interest Saving Balance for any billing period is less than your minimum payment due, your interest saving balance will reflect your minimum payment due to avoid a late payment fee…”

So basically I pay off my DisneyStore purchase entirely, and won’t be charged interest on the packages for the 6 months. They are keeping these charges in separate pools, as was promised to me over the phone, and as PrincipalTinker said above…