Take every single one of my pennies


“Haunted Mansion Parlor, the world’s first haunted Mansion-inspired bar will soon materialize on Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Disney Treasure!”


  • inspired craft cocktails
  • exclusive on-board merch
  • nostalgic decor
  • beloved characters

I’ve never been interested in getting on a ship so fast!


Ooooooh I just saw this on Instagram and it absolutely looks amazing. The Dream definitely left room for improvement in terms of bar theming. Have we seen Treasure itineraries yet??

I think so because booking started already last week IIRC for privileged groups

Please hold…

Yes, you can book it now.


If you’d like you can book the maiden voyage for a cool $9200

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Uh huh! It’s insane right. They have other Eastern Caribbean ones for half that mere weeks later.

Yes I see that, still $4200 for an INSIDE CABIN! for 7nts is a little tough to swallow :flushed:

Less than half!


So which inaugural sailing will you do?

Maiden voyage (December 21-28, 2024) still has all room categories available starting at $9k (for 2 adults) in an inside room. :laughing:

ETA: I see while I was looking up the status on the maiden voyage you also discovered the price.


I said fast, not crazy :laughing:


Yeah these look like the best ones price wise:

I only go Verandah but on the other hand I can easily spend that much at WDW when you account for food and this includes food and entertainment.

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That’s why it’s so expensive. It’s both the maiden and the Christmas week. Which is why I take my kids out of school for these and then the school yells at me and threatens to throw me in jail. (I’m actually not kidding)

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Yes, those are much much much better priced. We wanted to do the maiden voyage but could not swallow the cost (would’ve been $11,000 x 2 for our family) so we’re on a February sailing. The plan is to get Gold Status by then and have the Treasure be our first Gold member cruise.


I didn’t realize I had selected 2 adults (or maybe it just defaults) so it was showing me the 2 adults price. I thought it was $4200 for a single person (which it probably would be actually with the supplement)

But now that I see it’s for 2 it’s not so bad. I could do that. $4900 for ocean view on deck 9


Yeah the single rate will only be a couple hundred bucks cheaper (you don’t have to pay taxes for that one person so that’s the only discount you get)

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I could be interested in this one. We really liked San Juan (or India as my kids called it) but geez I paid 1/3 of that price for a balcony room on the Oasis…


Yeah my issue is this is all around the time I’m taking DD to the promised Italy (and I want to do DLP) so I think that’s gonna wipe out my budget for big trips in early 2025. But I might book when they add additional dates cuz I’m interested and I haven never done Eastern Caribbean. I’m not going back to Jamaica though so no Western for me.

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It’s also a little interesting that they front load the days at sea. Two days at sea up front with Castaway Cay as the last day seems backwards to me! I would like a day at sea at the end at least.

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