Disney toiletries

How good are the Disney toiletries at the yacht club? Do they smell nice and is the scent more suited to men or women? I’m hoping to save some suitcase space if I don’t have to bring my own!

H2O+ is used throughout the resorts (and cruise ships) for Disney. It’s not bad at all. This is the body wash, shampoo and conditioner.

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I agree with @hokiebroker that the toiletries are pretty good. My wife is particular about that kind of thing and she liked them.

Are they the sea salt ones there? I think that smells horrible.

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Last summer, it was this set:

Same as all the resorts I’ve been to. We really like the shampoo. I always bring a gallon sized ziplock to bring home what’s left :joy: It’s kind of a gender-neutral smell. Hard to describe. But every time I smell it, it reminds me of Disney.


They are Sea Salt. IIRC, I know YC and BWI use the same ones & we went to BWI in May.

All I have left from mine is the aloe gel, and lotion which says “Sea Marine”, which, now that I think about it, is rather redundant.:thinking:

But I like it Sea Salt, that’s why it’s all used up!

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Yes I noticed while we were there that one said sea salt and one said sea marine. It wasn’t to my tastes at all, I miss the orange blossom. I thought it was very masculine.

There are very few toiletry sets I don’t like. What I’m really particular about is using everything that goes together, so whatever I get, I use it all up. Then I go back to my main standby which is Chanel everything. I even buy unscented products and spray the perfume in it. I just can’t abide clashing scents.

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I don’t understand why they (and hotels in general) don’t just use unscented stuff. I don’t like anything scented, and otherwise you are playing a game trying to appease everyone’s preferences.


My daughter considers the Green Shampoo “Mermaid Shampoo”. I guess the green color and iridescence make her think of it. Of course she is 7 years old too.

I think smells have been shown to be very powerful reminders. So every time you use the products, you remember the trip. Also, they can sell them afterwards. For years I was hooked on L’Occitane en Provence because of some travel toiletries, and that brand is pricey. Finally, I gave it up out of sheer guilt. But they got the cost of their “free” toiletries out of me- and then some, for sure!


This is true, in general…but I don’t like my toiletries to smell like anything…and even the scents I’m okay with I wouldn’t expect others would necessarily be. I find most fragrances offensive to my nose…I mean, have you ever tried any hand sanitizer from Bed, Bath, & Beyond? Doesn’t matter the scent…even scents I might like otherwise. The perfume that comes off them is so horrible I can’t put my hands anywhere need my face. :nauseated_face:

Unscented toiletries are neutral.

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Perish the thought! :rofl:
Maybe the problem is, you need to up your game. See how you feel after trying a little L’Occitane en Provence. But don’t blame me if your wife starts wondering what these expensive products are all about. :grin:

I’ve smelled expensive stuff as well (well, not in hand sanitizer). Can’t stand it. :confused:

I will say, however…I LOVE the scent of cocoa butter lotion. the unscented stuff still smells strongly of…well…cocoa butter.


Aren’t they replacing all the resorts with the wall dispensers?
Last trip at AKL we had wall dispensers and no loose toiletries in our room.

I’m going to hi-jack/piggy back your thread, so first I’ll answer your question. We love the Disney toiletries and their scents. I would say the scent is neutral - to more feminine since my DD and I both LOVE the H2O scents. We brought home left over toiletries and the smell just brings me back to our vacation.

Now for my hi-jack question: Can somebody who has gone the renting DVC points fill me in on how the toiletries are replenished since housekeeping doesn’t come until day 4? My DD could probably use a whole container of conditioner in one shower as her hair is thick and down to her waist. We could bring our own, but this is a serious consideration here! Do they sell it in resort marketplace?

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I admit I am a sucker for Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion because of the coconut. I have no idea if it’s even real coconut, but no beach vacation is complete without it.

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I’ve definitely seen the toiletries sold in large bottles in the BouTiki at the Poly. I’m sure it’s the same at the other resorts.

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I just read that a) they replenish on day 4 and 7 and b) they are 2 oz bottles rather than 1.

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The worst is when hotels use tea tree oil shampoo. Most days I don’t want my scalp to feel like I’ve plunged it into a glacial lake. And I’ve learned the hard way to use that on my head only.