Disney Survey

I just received and completed a Disney Survey they emailed out that appears to be gauging interest in continuation of an upcoming trip based on various circumstances. Anyone else get it? Looks like it is being sent to upcoming resort guests at least. Not sure about anyone else.


What were the questions?


Didn’t get it although I think our trip is solidly in the cancellation window (they just canceled our day 0 ADRs today :sob:)

It likely went out to those in the “we expect to be open, but with a new way of operating” reservations.

Please post the questions though…

I was a dope, and didn’t even think to take screenshots until I was almost done…and those questions were ones that don’t matter like when you last visited.

Hopefully someone else who gets the survey will be ready and take screenshots.

My apologies.

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Someone in the DIS posted photos of the survey, but they literally took pictures of their computer screen with their phone and they’re very hard to read. :rofl:
Seems like they want to know if things like mandatory masks or no character meets will make you cancel your trip.


may I ask when your trip is? We are early June…still hoping there is a chance

The people on the dis that got them are may/June arrivals mostly.

My trip was moved from May to October. No survey here. But both those things would make me cancel my trip.

August 7 through August 14. (Well, the Disney portion…Universal is August 4 through August 7.)

Did you see that BOMJeremy @jeremy1002 received an email with a survey suggesting they are testing the waters for a DECEMBER 1 opening???

That’s… Crazy. I don’t know how they as a company could survive that.

Was that in liner chat?

I thought I saw yesterday that people received a Universal survey with different dates, ranging from June 1st to December 1st. Disney may be doing the same.

Opening right before the busiest time of year. Not the smartest idea in my book. That didn’t pan out well with RotR.

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Twitter IIRC

Hmm, that would definitely surprise me if opening wasn’t until Dec. 1st! Maybe they just want to gauge how worried potential guests are - certainly some won’t come back til December or later.
We’ve got late August/Early Sept trip to Universal (rescheduled from end of May) … hoping that we can actually go! If not, we will re-schedule once again for Jan/Feb.

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Here is one of the images from the survey


A second one


And a third one, hopefully I’m not going to jail for this


Thanks for posting. You’re making up for my dopiness.

I promise not to report you to the authorities.