Disney stock?

Question for people who buy Disney stock: would you buy it right now? Why or why not? I might be interested in buying a small amount. Thanks for any information.

I have had similar thoughts. Thank you for posting. I am a novice investor, but am intrigued by the thought a piece of the magic. I will anxiously wait for others to weigh in.

A friend of mine at work who is a Disney nut bought some stock and got a paper certificate and framed it.

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I’m definitely no investment guru, but Disney stock is not that far off from its all time high at the moment. I’m not sure you’d be getting a great deal right now. With so much of its revenue and expenses tied to the parks, it could be a volatile several months. They did suspend their dividend too. That being said, I don’t own any individual stocks. Too risky for me. But it might be cool to own a little just for fun.

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I think the answer depends on how you define small. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve owned DIS stock for years. It was a great investment years ago when the price was a bit lower. As said above, I’d wait. The price is going up and they have stopped dividends for the moment.

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I bought some a few months ago. Bought high and then it tanked a bit. It’s slowly climbing back to where I bought it. If you have the extra $$ I say go for it. Stocks are meant to be a long term investment anyway, so think future. I wish I wouldn’t have paid $128 a share, but we will see what happens in a year or five, or ten. I took a class over the summer (Angela Matthews Happy Investor) and buying was part of a homework assignment. I believe in Disney, thus my decision of a first time purchase. Didn’t spend more than I have to lose.

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Depends. If you want Disney for the long term, you may get some value out of it. It isn’t a big mover. If you want it short term, I’d recommend something else. Tech stocks, solar energy, ad stocks have treated me very well in the short term (months to a few years.)


We are experimenting for my 15 year old. He used his own $40 and bought 10 shares of GameStop, LOL! It has tripled in the last few months. He wants to use his profits to help him get the new Xbox.


I have 1000 shares of Disney bought at $19 a share. Yes it was a long time ago and it has went up and down and split over the years. The point I wish to make here is that it is a long term stock and it does pay good dividends when they get back to paying them. Now take a look at the price today with all that is going on with Disney and you really can’t complain on how it is holding up. Last summer the stock got as high as $144 a share so the potential is there but only in the long term. Once a vaccine is found I think you will find Disney stock will come back but not like gangbusters. Remember also the stocks do split and you could get two or three for one if this happens. A friend of mine long ago said there are two things to consider before you buy a stock. First are you willing to do the reseach on the stock you choose and secondly are you one who would use this stocks products and feel it is a good long term stock. To learn more on trading go to MotleyFool.com. Hope this helps.


I view single stocks as basically gambling. We’re a “buy low cost index and forget about it” long term investors.


I never think DIS stock is ever really a bad idea…just when to buy is the question. I wouldn’t suggest buyIng any stock without thoroughly understanding the data. Yahoo Finance is a great place to get started with statistics and chart data. There are billions of schools of thought on when to buy. IMHO $127.46, is a fine entry point for many reasons (above it’s 50 day moving avg, etc etc.). If it goes > $151/share, I would re-assess. Again, understand the numbers and whether you are looking for long haul investing or short term…good luck!

(ETA: I am not a financial advisor, just one who invests actively both for short term and long term. DIS is one of my long terms)

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Today Disney Stock justed $11.30 a share. Now it will go the other way but it shows the potential. I could sell I suppose and pick up that jump but I believe this is only the beginning to where it could go so I will keep the stock and stay for the ride. I believe someone mentioned a paper stock certificate. You don’t normally get them but I know Disney sells them at some of there outlets like at the Contemporary Resort. They actually are worth one share but you can bet you will pay a premium if you buy one this way. Normally certificates are no longer issued on stock share but rather held by a brokerage firm in an account.

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correction $15.40 per share

Hit $150/share today

Lots of gains all over the market today. Official movement on settling the presidential race took out uncertainty, which is usually well received.

Yeah it’s almost too good to be true. The market bubble continues…and looking for more stimulus money. :roll_eyes:

Just remember buy for the long haul unless you have the money lose if things going the other way. Day traders are one thing but you really got to keep your eye on the markets. Pay cash and don’t buy on the margin and borrow to cover a purchase unless your sure the stock will go up from what you paid for it without having to pay interest on the loans. Disney is a good long term stock but don’t let the last few days fool you, the stock can lose all it’s gains and you will have to wait it out before selling it.

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I posted the original question and my update is that I decided not to buy Disney stock at this time (at the time I was first considering it the price was about $127 / share, I think.) I went with a stock about 1/3 the price which made sense b/c I had a pretty small amount of money to invest. I still might consider Disney in the future if the price drops again, or if I decide to put more money into stocks. I like the idea of having a piece of Disney, albeit a tiny piece.

Yes I understand where your coming from. Disney stock is at a high right now as of yesterday it reached $150 per share. Today it is down $4 per share and will fluctuate. Remember though when buying stock that a low price stock most often assumes more risk but not always as it may have slit. Maybe save up and buy a share of Disney here and there and price average from the long haul. I never buy short term as I am NOT a day trader. I did not start with a lot of share of Disney but bought over time and it split once. Good luck in your investments