DIsney Springs Hotels - Update 3/6

I remember someone recently having an issue with linking one of the DS resorts that should have the 60 day window for fastpasses. I think it was specifically the B Resort, because I had seen something about that one having issues.

Anyway …

I cannot for the life of me find the thread. But I have seen that apparently all issues have now been resolved and all the DS hotels included in the deal can now be linked.

So if this affects you, I hope you can get this resolved now. If anyone can remember who it was, please tag them so they can try.


On that original thread it was thought the issue was because the room was booked directly with the hotel and not thru DIS. So the Liner got a nice discount, but no early FP availability. The thought was DIS wanted their cut for the early FP window.

Is there any restriction with the resolution where to get the early FP access one has to book through Disney directly?

Don’t think so.

Initially it seemed like Disney was implying you had to book they them to get the 60 day window. It was true at the time, but only because the systems weren’t compatible yet.

Then it became apparent that wasn’t the case, but in order to get the 60 day window you had to be able to link the reservation into MDE. One by one each resort became “linkable”.

And the B Resort was the one hotel left that couldn’t be linked.

It now seems it can be.


Thanks for the clarification. With the initial issue I was unclear if DIS just wanted their cut or it was a logistical issue on the links. Good to hear it is just logistics that is seemingly cleaned up…

Oh I’m sure DIS is getting a cut anyway!

As a shareholder, I definitely hope so! :sunglasses: