Disney Refugee officially Universal Addict

You really don’t need a TP for the party.


@Dreamer is right. I just enjoy making TPs that I might not even use :rofl:


I know… I just like to play with it… Does it do party wait times? In 2018, my last MNSSHP, I remember TP not having or being accurate about event queue times. (Am I wrong?)

Right now, my priorities before the party are Meeting Mickey at Town Square and Country Bears. After that everything is centered around Tron and the 10:15 Fireworks.

My party priorities are all rides. I used to plan MNSSHP nights where I mostly met characters or saw all the shows. This time it’s all about the rides. My connection with Disney isn’t where it was 5 years ago. (I used to play Disney music ALL day and watch a Disney movie about once a week or so!)

Since this is a “one-night only” trip I can’t spend 1 - 2 hours trying to meet the Halloween version of Goofy or something this time. (I admit…I’d wait for Moana, but she wasn’t there last year. I’m not expecting her this time)

I’ll probably get a candy bag, but not concerned if I even get any candy. It’s always too much and a pile of melted goo by trip end.

I would like to wear a costume. It’s a shame I can’t wear my Wizarding Robe!

In my experience planning for MNSSHP

4pm - 4:30pm = Park entry / Wristbands
4:30pm - 6pm = Rides & Attractions not offered at party
6pm - 7pm = Ride / Attractions, but near first party event like Cadaver Dans
7pm - 9:45pm - Rides & Snacks
9:45pm - 10:15pm - Go to Fireworks (I go to the area in front of Crystal Palace / Public Toilets)
10:30pm - 11:15pm - Last Rides
11:30 - 12am - Final parade or Hocus Pocus show (whichever happens later)

Haunted Mansion & Space Mt. are the only other E-Tickets I really want to do along with Tron…With only 3 “must-do” things during the party, I’ll be fine without a “plan”.

I don’t even want to ride a few things like BTMRR or 7DMT. I highly doubt I’ll be on the Frontierland/Adventureland side of the park after 7pm the way I’m prioritizing things…

If TP does work during the party I may still get it to help me get more hyped! (I’m more excited than I sound, I promise!)


I feel like that plan is doable.

Sure you can!

Not wrong. And right now it’s a bit of a struggle with touring plans and the whole LL and ILL thing.


The costume guidelines say,

  • Costumes may not reach or drag on the ground. (for example, full-length Princess dresses)
  • Capes may be worn if the length does not go below the waist.

My robe definitely drags on the ground as I’m a short guy. I often have to pick it up to not step on it if I’m going up stairs - like boarding at HE!! (it makes me feel very “pretty” to pick up my dress when I walk!! :crazy_face: :rofl: :innocent:)

I’d love to wear it though. I saw a photo of someone in a Jedi robe, but it stopped at mid-calf…

If anyone knows for sure, please, tell me!!


Ohhhh. I thought were thinking Disney would be mad it’s HP. :rofl:


I’d totally show up at my Ex’s Halloween party with my new girl wrapped around me for sure!! (and laugh the whole time!)

I want to wear my robe and my Sorcerer Mickey ears!!




I knew I liked you.


Could you hem your robe? I wouldn’t consider that a cape.


I’ve never seen it!!! I’m from TN. I love all the dumb hillbilly stuff - like dinner shows and etc…

I’m always the tour guide / Dad / Planner. The family always needed to do the E-Ticket stuff with little interest in things like Country Bears or Tiki Room.

My worst WDW “secret”… I’ve never been on Peter Pan’s Flight. :scream: As a kid & as a parent no one I’ve ever gone with is ever willing to wait the 60+ minutes to ride it. E.T. is my “Peter Pan”…lol!!

I can finally go on it… Of course, I’m trying to not do too many of the things that DLR also has in preparation for that trip - one day…

I guess I could, but WDW isn’t worth it to me… I’m not going to alter my robe for them! They have to accept me for the Wizard that I am! :mage: :magic_wand: :rofl:

I do wonder if could I bring my robe in my bag and slip it on once I get down Main Street??!!??


This does not compute. No such thing as too much candy :sweat_smile:


What if you just pin it up to calf length, or use double-sided tape? Then no permanent alterations necessary


I took all of May off from workouts & ate every bit of candy, ice cream and carbs I could stuff inside of me. Today marks “Day 1” of getting back into “theme park shape”. I have about 100 days to walk off the 10lbs I gained this month… :woozy_face:

I have to not think about candy for a while or it’ll be back in my hands!!

Maybe! I don’t know if tape will hold??!!?? (I don’t have much experience doing alterations, even though I get a lot of clothes altered for me!)


Double-sided tape made for clothing will almost definitely hold. I’ve had some on a shirt of mine for over 5 years and it’s still holding :laughing:

Sounds like a fabulous month!


Oh that’s a great idea!


I told DW about the tape & she was aware. She says she will help. Although she wishes I’d wear a Disney costume. I used to have a few Disney “bound” looks in my wardrobe. She is teasing me tonight because now that I’ve bought the ticket I’m really going back to WDW… :crazy_face:


I knew I liked you.
Memphis right?


Great idea!


Yep! (The suburbs outside of the city thankfully! )