Disney Refugee officially Universal Addict

I pay for the Universal side of TP… Len has my money…

The more I think about it, I’m not getting it. I was just excited…

I already have a basic idea of what I want to do. I never get to do the “C” ticket rides / shows. I’m gonna RD Country Bear Jamboree while the park is still open and go from there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love this idea. You can move fast and do it all!!


Sorry DD isn’t able to join you & even though I can’t promise I’ll be around on the forum to follow exactly live, I’ll definitely keep an eye for it to try to ‘be there’ in the moment as your trips are always such fun to read & a fountain of information for newbies to UOR like me!

I do think if you adjust your expectations accordingly, Tron can be a really fun ride. Does it live up to all the hype? No, not by a longshot. Is it a fun coaster with more unique ride system with a top-notch immersive queue? Yes, most definitely.

I do also advocate for “giving Len my money” (I’ve had a DLR subscription non-stop since October 2014, gotten at least 5 DLR guidebooks, WDW subscriptions 3 years since 2016 and their corresponding guidebooks, and got the DCL subscription AND guidebook in 2020, and then just the guidebook in 2022- that was amazing to have tucked in my suitcase for the cruise when the app was failing to produce an answer & it was faster than looking it up on the internet with the wifi package we purchased), but I also probably wouldn’t pay for just the one touring plan. If you were going on a trip within the subscription time, then yes absolutely, but not just for one plan for one special event.

I am so excited for you to get to be at WDW for a MNSSHP. We considered that for this year (we’ll be back in Florida for another cruise in September & the MNSSHP has a couple of nights that work well with travel days before/after) but we’ve ultimately nixed the Halloween party, so I’ll be anxiously following along at all I missed out by choosing other things to do :slight_smile:

And from one Ravenclaw to another, happy planning!


It being “free” with Disney Visa points is the reason I’m adding it. I am getting excited though!

I got Hogwarts Legacy two weeks ago! I’ve been playing soooo much. There’s so much to do and explore. Plus, they intentionally limit what you can do / own for a long time to keep you from getting away from the story too early!

I found the Dark Arts Battle Arena right before bed last night!! It was hard to put it down!


I’m still annoyed that you picked the wrong dates, but it’s exciting that you’re going to pop into MNSSHP!


I’m still annoyed you aren’t renewing your AP to meet me at HHN!! LOL!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :innocent:


As I’ve mentioned I don’t go into the daily chat much. So think of my TRs not only as a trip report, but as a daily La Cava Daily Chat about Larry and anything anyone wants to add before / during / after the TR…

I’m saying all this because I have something to celebrate! Totally out of the blue my boss - whom I’ve been verbally and loudly fighting with for a month - just came up to me and said “I know we get frustrated at times, but I want you to know you are doing an amazing job. I submitted and got approved a 10% annual raise for you.”

I was blown away! I admit that I believe I actually do the job great, but was thinking that management was upset. Lately, I habitually tell them how much their ideas / plans suck. Then when they get “aggressive” or start to “shout” I have told them to shove it and storm out.

I haven’t been worried about job security or anything, but I know I’ve been “making myself heard” & being a bit loud at times. (I have shouted, “I know my value!! I can go elsewhere! You’re LUCKY to have me!” to my boss a couple times in the last month or so!! LOL!!)

When you’ve been somewhere for 1/3 of your life, you develop opinions about it. I think this is one of those times where standing up to management demonstrated how much I am invested in this firm. Plus, I think bullies respect you more when they know you aren’t going to let them pick on you or “force” you to do a task that takes 3 people or something.

All of this to say… My HHN trip is paid for!! LOL!! :crazy_face: (What to upgrade?? :thinking:)


Congratulations!!! That is awesome to feel appreciated and for them to show it with a raise.


Congrats on the raise!


Amazing news about the raise, congratulations!

I cannot wait to see what you chose to upgrade. Any chance DD can still now do both her summer trip and UOR with you? Or are you still happy that it’s a solo trip & will keep it that way?


That’s the thought that’s running through my head for the last hour or so! If she was a typical 21 year old that could stay out past 10pm it wouldn’t be an issue. I’ve made a pretty solid plan that includes MNSSHP. (There’s no way she could go to that!)

11 days / 10 nights is a lot to do solo though… My plans, right now, have a number of evenings where I don’t even go to HHN until after 8pm - 9pm. (Hagrid’s at night even beats early entry to HHN a couple nights!)

I’m on the fence about it, still leaning towards solo. I don’t get 4 - 6 trips this year…(or do I?? :joy::innocent:) That makes my time in the parks even more valuable.

It’s the number of days that make me wish someone might be there for SOME of it…I still love my solo time!

The other thought is that this raise does make my HHN trip and trip #2 less “budget conscious” if I go solo. Plus, I can extend the number of days for trip #2 for sure… (or add very short / weekend #3 trip with a flight deal and a Dockside stay?)

I would love to get my wife to come in February. She’s heard my stories about the nicer weather and even lower queues. So that’s a possibility now…

Thanks for letting me share! Y’all are the people I hang out with the most online and I look forward every day to coming here. It’s often the first thing I do once I get to the office! :rofl::joy:


The Switch release has been pushed back from July to November :sob: I wanna play it!!

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I saw… uugghhhh!!! I know my Xbox got delayed a couple times before I got it. DD has a Switch as her primary gaming device. She is crushed! It’s such fun & fills the time. I get caught most nights saying, “OMG! It’s how late??”

They give you enough small quests / bread crumbs that you keep playing… “just one more quest” or “let me go check on my beasts real quick before bed”


Yep Switch is my primary device too (I also have a Vita and a PS3 but not many games get released on those anymore). I was bummed enough that I had to wait until July when others got it in May, but now November seems like forever away!


I’m still doing my Liner due diligence and price checking every day (sometimes compulsively!)

I found an AP rate for my HHN trip that saves me $469 without altering my dates. I need to go back to Dockside for an $85 / night rate. Dockside is my home, but I was looking forward to a long stay at Aventura.

I asked myself, “What would I do with the $469?” since it was “already spent” in my budget.

I found a rate at Dockside for the Thursday – Sunday I would want to go to Grinchmas / my birthday for $469!!??!! (Arriving & Departing before Pop Warner shows up)

I’m so tempted to do it. There’s nothing wrong with Dockside. There are just added perks to staying at Aventura. If I could see flight prices that far out it would be helpful.

They don’t publish those fall / winter flights until June 8th…

Hmmm…… I guess I can wait a week or so… If it is meant to be it’ll happen, I guess… Plus, I don’t “lose” anything by waiting. This is all “bonus” talk…

Goes to show it does pay to keep checking!


My Disney Visa Redemption card was in the mail when I got home! I’m so nervous about it. I don’t know why, but none of this trip seems “real” yet. I guess I had convinced myself I wasn’t going in 2023! Buying MNSSHP tickets would be the first “nonrefundable and date specific” item. I mean my AP is nonrefundable, but doesn’t start until I use it. Flights / Hotel and the rest can all be cancelled with no charges.

Plus, when I book MNSSHP that “kinda” locks this in as a solo trip. I still daydream about sharing this with someone (for a couple days / nights!)

I checked to see when the HHN Rush of Fear / Frequent Fear Passes went on sale in 2022. It wasn’t until July 26th!

I saw a crowd calendar that the MNSSHP starts to sell out in early / mid August. I don’t want to miss out…

What would you do?

  • You know you’re going!! Get your MNSSHP ticket NOW before they sell out!!
  • It’s OK to wait. It’s still 105 days away. You’re just excited & nervous.

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Wow! It’s a pretty close split if I should go ahead and book MNSSHP today or not! (I appreciate everyone that contributes & reads my rants!!)

I brought the card with me to work today. I don’t know why I’m so “nervous” about this??!!?? I guess paying for it makes it even more “official”.

Plus, and I’m not trying to sound “cool”, I’ve been staring at the Magic Kingdom map and so much of it seems “just ok” to me these days. I’m excited to do Tron and like 3 other things, but most of my MNSSHP planning is, “I don’t know… I guess I can do Buzz Lightyear or Pooh”

After a lot of soul searching, I think a lot of my unease is because I really want DD to come with me to HHN. Once I book this, it doesn’t mean she couldn’t still go to HHN, but it starts the process of it really being 10 days 100% solo. (which I will love 90% of the time!)

Alright… Thanks for letting me vent…


I did it!

I had actual anxiety about it??!!?? I feel much better now that I made the commitment.

Now, I gotta hope it doesn’t storm that night!! (I’ll be there either way!)

@Dreamer - Thank you AGAIN for letting me talk this out on your TR.

I’m so nervous to see my “ex” again. Multiple people have offered to make a TP for me. I really want one, but I’m tempted to pay the $20 for the app just to play with it myself…

Why doesn’t TP have a “grandfather clause”. Like if you paid for the program for 10+ years in a row you get a free year! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rofl:


It’s worth it, especially if you like making TP, optimizing, etc.


You know I do!!!