Disney Refugee officially Universal Addict

Is this the same DD that joined you on one of your trips last year?

Yep! The one & only! (Thank goodness!)

We’ll have a blast, but I know that’s a big expense to the trip. If we don’t have to help her for her summer travel, then I easily have the money.

We’ll see! I’m planning as if she’s not going. I’d prefer if she does though, even if I’ll have to go at her speed.


@bebe80 - I’m making my plans and looked at the Volcano Bay menus. It appears that the Muffuletta pizza is a year round offering! I’m trying not to repeat too many things, but this is a must-do. Thanks for convincing me to try a pizza at VB! It’s now one of my favorite things


It’s on the Kohola Reef menu too!

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DSs too!! :yum::pizza:
He raves about his VB pizza!!

Got my desktop countdown started!

I’m doing all the “planning” that I can at this point. Basically, outlining all the big “must-do” things like Volcano Bay, Dark Arts / Hagrid’s at Night, VCON / Minion’s Café

I’ve decided to lay out my invitation to DD21 again the next time I see her so she understands how serious I am. She’ll need to decide if she needs our $$$ for summer travel or wants to go to HHN.


That’ll be here before you know it!! :smiley:


I was given a HP board game from my Brother/Sister in-laws for Christmas. I’ve been debating trying to do miniature painting. I bought a bunch of “fancy” hobby paints & such. Some came out much better than other - mostly as I got more practice, but I’m really happy with them. It was a lot of fun! I don’t want to play the kind of war games that people typically use these paints for. I may find other IP miniatures or games with IP that I could paint though!


Oh wow!
You’ve done a great job of those :art::paintbrush::art::paintbrush::art::paintbrush:
100 Points to Ravenclaw!! :laughing::blue_heart:


I hid Harry in the back. I tried so hard to get those glasses painted! I couldn’t do it and after multiple tries / cover-ups his face became a bit of a blob!! :rofl:


These look fab!


DD just “officially” asked for our financial aid for her trip. She needs about $1400. I was hoping it would be a lot less so we could help her AND we’d have enough left over for her to come with me. (I was going to spend $1500 - $2000 to bring her to HHN anyway.)

This means I’m solo for this trip. I only did 4 nights solo of HHN last year. I waited those nights until DD arrived to do houses.

I’m not sure I ever did a trip this long completely solo last year. It’s exciting, but I’ll definitely need y’all to keep me company!!! I really enjoy traveling solo, but the down times in queues or waiting on shows can get a bit lonely after you’ve been there a few days.

I’m definitely getting the UXP for Rush of Fear. I’m not waiting in those outdoor switchbacks solo for extended periods! OH!!! I just remembered… the UXP for the houses gives you UXP for the rides at night! Since I’ll be able to stay out past 10pm without DD needing to go back I can get more USF rides done at night. I really want to beat my best MIB score - 595,000!!

Since I’m solo, that means I can book MNSSHP. I think I’m going to do it. If Tron wasn’t there I’d pass. I’ve wanted to go on Tron for so long. (However, I expect to be disappointed compared to Hagrid’s / VC)

I’m about to go get $250 worth of Disney Visa points. That’s $160 for the ticket and $90 for food / souvenirs. Anything left over I’ll hold on to for our future DLR trip. Once I get that redemption card I’ll book it!

I have decided to get the Universal Photo Pass this year. I’m still kicking myself for not getting it for the entire year in 2022 for $99! It’s $150 this year, but even with two trips I’ll get my value!


Your painting looks terrific!

I know you’ll miss her, but I also know you’ll have a great time solo! Can’t wait to see what you think about Tron/MNSSHP.


Should I buy a WDW Touring Plan subscription to use just for my arrival at MNSSHP. I’m planning on leaving my hotel no later than 2:30pm to Uber over to MK. I’ll wait at the taps to RD the hours before the event start. It’s not a big $$ to buy a subscription, but feel silly to get one for 2.5 hours of time.

  • Yes. You can maximize the first 2 - 3 hours before the party with a TP since not buying G+
  • No. You know the parks well enough to maximize the first 2 - 3 hours before the party even with not buying G+

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I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of data and experience available from previous TRs and discussion just on the forum that making a TP won’t be necessary.

That said, if you’d have fun making/using the TP, then go ahead. Like you say - it’s a minimal cost with good value.


If you can’t tell, I’m super excited… Thanks for helping me fill the time until we get much closer!!


That’s what we’re here for :smiley:


I always recommend supporting TP just because I think this forum and community are invaluable, but not necessarily because you will glean something from a personalized TP that you don’t already know or can’t find out talking to us.


Join the Facebook group MIB 900 Club, go to “Files”, and download the document Training Room Guide & Max Out Guide. The instructions are insanely detailed with pictures.

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I saw the RixFlix today & joined! I’ve got the files! It’s definitely detailed!!