Disney Refugee Brings a Buddy

Good morning! I’m off for another visit to UOR (albeit it’s a short one)

This time I have my Ride Buddy - DD20!

I’ve been enjoying going to the parks solo and highly recommend it! However, it’s always hard to come home and try to explain all the great things UOR has to offer - especially when trying to keep everything spoiler free.

My daughter is finally through the “terrible teens” and every day is not the end of the world / drama! I’m so looking forward to spending time with her. She’s only been to UOR once for 1.5 days before getting the flu and spending the remainder of the trip in the hotel room. She’s only seen less than half of the parks!

Originally, this trip wasn’t on the books. We are scheduled to go to HHN in a month from now. However, with the giant jar of coins ($1173) and flash sales both with SW Airlines & Universal I couldn’t resist. One day I’m going to stay at a different hotel, but I keep getting Endless Summer - Dockside for $100 - $114 / night. (I got my HHN nights for $90! You can’t beat these hotel prices for on-site stays!)

The reason I got a good SW fare is because we have to depart at 6am on a Wed. and return at 5pm on Saturday. So, I’m sitting here at 3am waiting to leave!

I don’t know how “Live” this TR will be as I want to focus on her. If you have any questions or want something scouted - please ask! I will try!

I am leaving this trip up to her. No plan, no schedule. We have one dinning reservation. My family has always loved my planning, but it can be stressful. I have promised a “Chill” vacation!

We are planning on a day a VB during this trip, so feel free to ask about anything there as well!

OH! If there is any update on The Mummy reopening or soft opening, PLEASE, post it here. I will drop everything and get over there! I don’t know how much time I will be on Twitter this week. Thanks!


Yay!! Exciting.

Safe travels @darkmite2 and DD.

Hope it’s an excellent trip. Looking forward to following along.


Love your trip reports! I hope mummy will reopen while you’re there.


Hope you have a great time together!


Sounds like a great trip! Enjoy!


Have fun! No hard plans and doing what your DD feels like sounds great!

This gives me hope! :joy:


So happy that you can have DD as a ride companion for this trip! :heart:

I’m sure it will be a little hard for you to not follow a plan to save the most minutes in line, but just try to relax and let DD take the lead. You’ll have time to catch up on anything missed your next trip!

C’mon Mummy, open already. :crossed_fingers:


Have the best time! I’ve been waiting for this trip report. My DD and I had the best trip together to WDW in December and we are hoping to do UOR together next. DH and I are seasonal APs and DD wants in :wink:


This made my Wednesday! I love your trip reports. Have a great time focusing on DD. Fingers crossed Mummy opens! We traumatized our DD15 (would have been 11) with that ride because we forgot how intense it was :rofl: It’s a family favorite, because of that and just because it’s good. I’ll be anxious to hear what you think of the refurb, assuming it does open for you (as it should).


The flights went well and we got checked in easily with mobile check-in. The parks are pretty busy with rides like Dr. Doom and Kong posting 40+ minutes.

I’m letting her plan the day and I can tell she’s a bit overwhelmed and stimulated. :rofl:

Lots of fun so far, but I spoiled by walking on a lot of rides!

Dinner is at Cowfish in about 2 hours. We haven’t really eaten since early this morning. We are ready!


Y’all are too cute!


As much as you want to let her choose the path/activities, remember that you would’ve probably welcomed some experienced guidance when you were a noob! :wink::+1:t2:


How fun is this?? Looking forward to following along

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I did start presenting her with 2 or 3 options at a time to help with the “analysis paralysis” at the end of the day.

Cowfish was good as always. We split the crab ragoon appetizer. I had The Royale burger… (braised short rib on a burger) DD had the truffle burger. Service was actually fast, something Cowfish is not known for most days!

We managed to stay until about 30 minutes until park closing. She is very tired! (I’ll get her in “theme park shape” before our next trip!)

I did manage to score a couple of the “red” express passes that include Hagrid’s and a couple yellow that get you into everything except Hagrid’s and VC. You can find them on eBay. I paid $25 for the red and $20 for the yellow. I am saving the yellow in case The Mummy reopens. (We got on Hagrid’s in about 5 minutes! It totally spoiled her when debating doing a repeat ride with a 90 minute wait!)

As predicted, it was crazy hot and still pretty busy in the parks. We are planning to get up early for EPA in the morning.

She pretty much passed out about 15 minutes after getting back in the room! I’m going to really encourage a mid-day break tomorrow. (I can go 16 hours in these places, but I know that’s not normal! Plus, I walk 8+ miles & work out most days so I can outlast someone at leasthalfmy age!)


The wifi was pretty bad yesterday. (I’m sure it is overloaded) That made posting a bit hard last night!

DD is awake, but going a bit slow. (No worries, I knew she would and planned for it!)

I did stop in and pick up my AP magnet! (TIP - Go to Toon Lagoon in IOA there was no wait. Pick up is in the Toon Extra gift shop)


We got to the bus pick-up about 5 minutes before it arrived. We were the last people allowed on and there was a lot of people left waiting.

We are first at the taps and ready to rush to Hagrid’s!


They let us in 15 early. However, Hagrid’s is delayed. We did front row of VelociCoaster and are back in line for a second ride!


Nice work :+1:t2:

Nice adjustment :+1:t2::+1:t2::laughing:


Hagrid’s is still delayed. We walked around Hogsmeade a bit then decided to get a jump on other IOA rides. When we got to Marvel Island at 8:50am the rides were already open we are going to ride Doom again. Then all the water rides until we are soaked!


I love this. Enjoy your dad/daughter time. Makes my heart smile. I can’t wait for DD15 to get to this stage but then again, I sorta can. I just cried a lot yesterday at DS18s absence in my house as he just went off to college…so I’m gonna hold on a little to DD15 being dependent for a minute. My heart can’t take thinking about her all grown up just now. LOL

I’m excited to hear about your lack of plan, plan! Have all the fun…and I’ll pray/wish/hope/cross fingers that Mummy opens for you because it’s the best ride in USF (not in all of US Orlando but in USF, prove me wrong! LOL)