Disney private transfers to and from WDW as part of package on pause

I am LIVID right now!

I have received an email today indicating that private ground transfers to and from WDW as an add-on to WDW packages has been placed on pause. New bookings are unavailable until further notice. Worst of all some existing bookings will be impacted and guests will be responsible for arranging their own transfers.

What on earth are they doing over there anymore?!?!


What does this mean… private ground transfers… is that when ppl do split stays and move to a different resort and have Disney transfer their luggage to the new resort?

You can add on a car service or van to your WDW package.

It was Mears.

Apparently they can’t even get along if guests pay them to.


Well :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: everyone, apparently.

Thanks for explaining. Disney doesn’t seem to be interested in being a good host lately :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It almost seems like they are doing things to keep ppl away


Thanks for the heads up. I have a friend that I have been helping that book this.


Hopefully they will not be impacted.

The email does not give a timeframe of guests who will be or won’t be. I have several folks going soon who are using this - and at least two who switched to this from Quicksilver!!!

Her trip is April 4th and needs two car seats


Yeah, last minute booking. You really saved her.

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So I just got a call.

The guests impacted at this time are those traveling to or from WDW THIS WEEKEND via these private transfers that were added to vacation packages.

A guest of mine who is booked for Sunday has had her transfer cancelled, but her return trip is intact at this time. The agent stressed they cannot make any promises but at this time it does seem it is only those guests who were using this service THIS WEEKEND who are impacted.

The only official recommendation from Disney is Mears Taxi (cannot be prebooked, available on arrival) or Lyft, which is recommended based on their affiliation related to Minnie Vans.

I provided a lot of feedback to the agent. I was just as kind as I could be but firm. The right thing for them to have done would have been to make new arrangements for the guests impacted. To shove it off on them with less than 2 days notice? Well Quicksilver did that, didn’t they?


Yeah that’s atrocious behavior. Again.

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I wonder if people will get fed up with this and turn to just renting a car? I used to think I would never need a rental car at Disney. I also don’t like driving in new places. These last two trips we’ve rented a car and honestly it went so smooth. Cost wasn’t bad at all and neither was the drive to/from MCO. It was nice driving to other resorts too for ADRs and driving to Disney Springs - didn’t have to wait for the bus. So now I feel the opposite of how I did years ago and I can’t ever envision not having a rental car.


Have you priced that out lately?? Horrid. Plus, parking fees

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My first thought was that Disney was pulling back the offering to bring back the MinnieVans.


No this did not sound like that it sounds like some kind of breakdown in their partnership. Like Mears dropped the ball somehow and Disney has to fix it.

Purely conjecture on my part and based on the tone of the conversation


Holy cheese and crackers. That’s really awful.


I’m speechless. That’s all I can muster right now: speechless.

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Holy rabies, that’s terrible.
And with no notice


Thanks for the heads up on this. Hopefully it will only affect this weekend. I have never used this service before but I did schedule a transfer from ship to WDW for a cruise I am taking in September. I am sure there will not be any impact but now I know to be on the lookout just in case.