Disney Plus “book” Club!

Hey everyone! We can discuss all of the shows and movies we watch here. We will vote on a movie/show every few days and decide on a time to discuss it.


Welcome to the forum! Got a particular movie you want to discuss? I plan on watching Frozen 2 tomorrow when it releases, haven’t seen it yet. I’m currently watching Toy Story 4 with my 3 yo for the 7,273 time.


I was talking about this in the chat on the app and we decided on watching Snow White today and discussing it at 2 pm est tomorrow.



I have the Snow White DVD ready to go. Looking forward to watching it later.

Thanks for starting this @DisneyFan1234 :grin:

This just brought a little joy to my wife. Guess we have something to watch next weekend.

In addition to this, may binge some Marvel movies again.

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Would you consider editing your opening post with details. Not everyone on the forum follows chat. Thanks!

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Snow white is my DD3’s favorite!! But we are excited for frozen 2 tomorrow. We saw it in theaters. It was her first movie theater experience!


We are too! We saw it in the theater but are excited to watch it again.

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Snow White watched :+1:

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So we watched the movie…when do we chat about it? Spoiler alert…there are a lot of dwarfs.


I’m putting the over/ under at 7.


I think we settled on beginning a discussion at 2pm (which I think is 7pm to me, but I’m unsure as I know we’re between the clock changing days just now, so maybe it’s 6pm UK?).

@heidelj. Would betting the under assume a tragic ending for one of the dwarfs. Which begs the question which dwarf would be most likely to succumb to said tragedy. My money is on Dopey, clearly a mine related accident. Thoughts?


Doc. He catches COVID-19 from treating Sneezy and succombs to infection.

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With all the Covid-19 and quarantine possibility, I finally said yes to Disney+ which DD has been asking for since Christmas. Just in time too as they announced early release of Frozen 2! We watched Lady and the Tramp Live Friday night (meh but DD enjoyed it) and last night we watched three episodes of High School Musical, the Musical. I’m in full spring-cleaning mode; I’ll see if I can take a break and watch Snow White and join the chat.


@ryan1I was thinking 1938 world view…we’re trying to get away from Covid-19, with this book / movie club…If we’re gonna off a dwarf lets do it with sensitivity.

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Would it be too obvious to have a mining accident? Let’s be serious, what was the lifespan of miners in 1938?

Time for discussion!


So I really enjoyed watching it again. It’s been a while.

I’ve got a friend popping in for a visit, so looking forward to joining into a good discussion in a bit…

PS did notice a couple of continuity errors during the dancing scene when Dopey was standing in Sneezy’s shoulders and dancing with Snow White. Twice, saw Dopey’s bright green sleeved arms play drums and something else while he was supposed to be wearing the large brown overcoat.

I’ll check back in again ASAP…