Disney or SeaWorld over Christmas 2018?

We will be in Orlando Dec 22-28, 2018. I am trying to decide between 6 days at Disney, or 2 at Disney and the rest at SeaWorld/Aquatica. We are always there at rope drop and use EMH, but I am still afraid that the crowds will make it unmanageable based upon what I have heard. Will SeaWorld be just as bad? Thoughts?

Can you do 4 days at Sea World/Aquatica? We did Sea World in one day. We didn’t do the rides, as the kids were young, but I wouldn’t have thought it would take 3 more days to do it.

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I was thinking more along the lines of 2 Disney, 2 SeaWorld and 1 Aquatica if the weather is nice. However, I already have the 6 days at Disney booked with free dining. I have never been to SeaWorld and only to Disney once, so perhaps I’m thinking that there is more to SeaWorld than there actually is.

I am really wanting to know if I’m crazy to try Disney that week, even with great planning?

I’ve not been, but SeaWorld has very few rides. Four roller coasters and a few smaller things.


Thank you for your clear answer!

I haven’t been over the heart of Xmas season, but have talked to friends who have. I think if you temper expectations, plan your fastpasses and setup ADRs that mean a lot to you, you can still have a great time. Yes, it will be crowded and you won’t get in as many attractions as you would if you’d gone in late October when it’s less busy, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad time. The Xmas decorations themselves give a magical air to WDW at that time of year.

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Thank you! We went to Universal a few weeks before Christmas last year and absolutely loved the holiday magic. This year we can’t get away anytime except for Christmas week.

I agree with Damavs. Disney can still be fun as long as you understand what you are getting into. Temper expectations and be flexible and patient.

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We will be at Disney over Christmas, and we have been before, yes it will be busy, but with a good plan, flexibility and an open mind about expectations, it is a wonderful time to visit. We even managed Epcot on NYE! Fab!


Thank you, AllmadhereUK!

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Yes you are crazy, if you only spend 2 days at Disney. I love Sea World but I would not do 4 days, 2 days if you want to do everything. I would go to Sea World on the 24th and 25th because everyone else will be at Disney and Universal.

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You’re welcome. And I meant it. Not tongue-in-cheek. Just…yes.

We were at Disney for one day once during the Christmas/New Year madness and HATED IT. We even got in for free, and HATED IT. We had a miserable time. We did some stuff, but HATED IT. As I mentioned in another thread, you couldn’t pay me to go during that time period again. Seriously. You couldn’t.

ryan1 is Mr. Positive Happy Guy :grin:

Just being honest. We love Disney. Been numerous times and continue to plan to go.

Just not during Christmas/New Years. Ever! :slight_smile:

Trying to save others from similar misery.

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And I respect and totally understand that. And I think that would be helpful for people who are making the decision whether to go or not.
But telling people how bad their vacation is going to be after they have already decided to go, isn’t helpful in my opinion.
And I say this with no dis-respect.

Not if there is any chance of changing it. Plans aren’t written in stone until you can’t get your money back! :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to be negative. I want people to SERIOUSLY consider choosing another time to go.

It’s a shame you hated it, but i had a completely different experience, hence why I’m going again! :grin:

I appreciate hearing these different opinions. We could potentially go at the beginning of August instead of over Christmas, but I know that is a “bad” time too.

AllmadhereUK, do you park hop when going over the holidays? I was thinking of starting the days with EMH, taking a mid-day break, and then using fast passes in the evening. Do you have a better system?

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