Disney Kids Play & Dine for 50% Off Offer

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Seems like Ideal pricing for families with 2 kids in price range staying at a value resort. Did a sample pricing below:

Edit: I think you could squeeze another $200-$300 if you pick cheaper dates for rack rates.

It’s unhelpful they dont breakout the pricing for tickets and dining discounts. I know dining is not really providing a huge savings though so. Any thoughts?

I think it would worth doing a comparison of booking the room separately, and purchasing tickets from UT or some such. The trick is being able to calculate the likely cost of food. They probably don’t want to show the price breakouts because it would allow people to do a direct comparison more easily…and find it isn’t that great of deal perhaps?

Then again…at the moment, Disney is really trying hard to bring the people in. Attendance has dropped dramatically, and they are financially in dire straits (not due to the parks…but the parks are effectively financing the rest of the company). So, they might end up pricing things well enough to bring people in? (I’m not convinced it is enough, but we shall see.)


Oh…I noticed your selected dates in your screen shot don’t qualify for the discounted tickets:

“You’ll need to use the tickets between January 8, 2024 and March 10, 2024”

ETA: Oh, nevermind. That was for Disneyland’s offer!

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QS dining for 2A/2K is $162/day x 4 days = $648

Offer 2 (Room Bundle + $648 dining is $4,300+some tax without the discount then.

Offer 3 (Bought seperately, Room ($1,122) 4 Day tickets ($2,339), Dining ($648) = $4109

Which is weird, you should be seeing a discount of $540.32 (tickets) + $96 (Dining QS) = $636

So it should be $4,109 (Offer 3) - $636 (Ticket+dining discount) = $3,473 for offer 1.

Disney math makes no sense.

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Sometimes I feel like if Disney is “offering” something…they are the ones making out on the offer, not necessarily you! So…in that sense, Disney math works out perfectly…at adding to their bottom line! :smiley:

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I don’t need a room since I have a reservation on DVC points, but I ran the numbers just in case (assuming we would leave the room vacant). Not needing the room it makes it so the food cost is over $100 per person per day, which is more than twice what we spent on food for our last trip. Of course, if we were using the room this offer would be much more appealing.

Here are the terms in case anyone is interested.

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I just got this email which shouldn’t they know their market. They send me surveys so should have me lumped in their database as people without kids 3-9…not to mention in My Disney Friends and Family…none of us are 3-9.

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But…you know…you might KNOW someone who has kids 3-9 and could spread the word about this deal to them.


Nah…I don’t have friends! :wink:


What about enemies??? :laughing:

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I only tell them about how awesome Jollywood Nights is!


I want to point out, I think they should offer 3-9 for 50% off all year… they can only ride like 75% of the rides and can’t stay awake for all the park hours anyways.


I’m looking at your package

Room: 187/nt x6nts = 1122.00 plus tax = 1273.47
Adult QS x6nt at 57.01ea = 342.06ea x2 = 684.12 (plus tax)
Child QS x6nt at 23.83ea = 42.98/2 (discount) = 71.49 (plus tax) x2 kids= 142.98
Adult 4day base tix 594.33ea = 1188.66 (includes tax)
Child 4day base tix 575.44/2 (discount) = 287.72 (includes tax) x2 kids = 575.44

Offer 1 = 3864.67 plus tax for dining plan which is not included here

I’m not sure how you’re getting the number you’re getting
I do see you haven’t added tax for the cost of the room

Oh but also: You don’t purchase dining by the number of nights you WANT you have to purchase it for your whole stay. Not optional. 6/15-21 is not 4nts but instead 6 nts and makes a big difference for the adult AND the kid plans

That probably accounts for the rest of the difference


I’m more concerned with the kids 10-17 being charged full adult pricing, particularly for dining and especially until at least age 14

I’d like to see a junior pricing


Yes! :clap:

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Definitely. a 3 yr old costing nearly as much as a full grown adult is robbery.

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Only on the QS plan. On the TS plan there’s a very big difference in pricing.

But yeah. It hurts when your kid starts costing :laughing:


Right, the dining plans should definitely be tiered for the 10-17 yo.


This!!! My daughter just turned 10 and eats like a bird!!! Our days of character meals and pre-fixed meals are over d/t pricing. So sad!


3-7, half the price of adult
8-12, 75% the price of adult
13-17…twice the price of adult!