Disney IT is awful

60 days for me and the dining reservation system is not working.

That is all.


My :heart: was one of sympathy.
Hopefully this gets fixed for you ASAP



Try the app using the + and check dining availability
Try the app and search for the restaurant directly, then check availability
Try the website and search under “all dining” by date and time
Try the website and search for the restaurant directly, then check availability

Try in a regular page
Try incognito (truly, I always start by incognito anymore since regular never works)

By now, try calling (blerg) while you keep trying the website.

It’s unacceptably poor. I’m sorry :frowning:


^^^ what @OBNurseNH said.

Is it working at all or not opening your window for the full stay?

If the latter, try finding a restaurant and before putting in a date and time click the blue “check availability” button. That should show all your dates.


It isn’t working because it is a Friday. Tomorrow, it might not be working because it is the start of the weekend. Sunday it might be working because it is the end of the weekend AND the start of the week. Monday it might not work because it is the first work day of the week. Tuesday…well, is Tuesday. No need to elaborate. Wednesday is mid week, which confusing for IT. Thursday? Wait. What is Thursday? Does anything good ever happen on a Thursday?


It’s showing my dates and even bringing me to select a time but then shows the “there is a problem with the server” error. I was able to get one (BoG, which I may or may not keep) but after that nothing.

I’m not super worried as the TP Reservation finder has always helped and I’m there for 8 days, so I have wiggle room. Just venting about how awful Disney IT is. I’m in the field, and if that was the state of my systems all the time, some people would be looking for a new job.


Hopefully that means it’s like that for everyone. Small consolation I know.

If using the website can you try another browser?

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Strange. I was just able to book something for 60 days from now using the app. Who knows.

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If you have an android I always get that server error in the app for anything beyond the 60 day window. So, so frustrating.

I am a Firefox/Icognito/search-each-restaurant gal

Good luck. I completely agree that Disney IT is teally unacceptable and is actually the thing that has the worst impact in my experience.



Tried on my phone, did not work. (Yes I have a pixel 5, so it may be an Android issue)
Tried on my MacBook in Chrome. Did not work
Tried incognito. Did not work.
Tried Safari. Did not work
Tried on my windows computer using Chrome and Microsoft edge. Did not work

Tried on my mobile browser on my phone. Finally worked.

I don’t understand Disney IT. And again I say this if somebody in the field.


This is just s sympathy post.

I mean, really. Come on. Glad you found something to make it work.

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Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: Did you try Genie+ or ILL with an android? Any issues there?

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go incognito

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I also was able to book some this morning without incident. But it definitely seems quite variable from user to user and minute to minute.


And Today I Learnt how to go incognito…


And now none of my plans are showing up in the app. :rage:

Reset the app and plans showed up.

It looks like the app will let me book anything from today up to 60 days, but not beyond 60 for my length of stay. But my mobile browser will, so :man_shrugging:


I’m sorry it’s so frustrating.


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