Disney Food You Made At Home

For Golden Malted, you might want to try Food Service providers, as this waffle mix is heavily marketed to hotel chains for continental breakfasts

Ah. Good idea. Maybe GFS will carry it.

Start by cutting potatoes into thick wedges (think thick cut fries). Fry them once, let them cool, then fry them a second time right before serving. The gravy is typically your standard beef gravy (look up beef broth brown gravy to get recipes the right consistency).

The cheese curd sourcing is the hardest part. You buy the cheese curds by the bag, they don’t have a long shelf life, and quality can vary considerably, even from the same supplier. You don’t refrigerate them, and use them within a day of purchase. Depending on where you live, hopefully you can find a cheesemaker near you who may sell them out of the shop.

Once you have all three ingredients, put the fries in the bottom of the container, top with the curds, and pour gravy over the top. If you’re adventurous, adding in toppings like crumbled bacon, pulled pork, or warm maple syrup can be nice additions.


First - and years ago- the meatloaf from the Biergarten. My grandniece - maybe 9 at the time - loved that meatloaf. To everyone’s surprise. After much searching and test cooking we settled on a recipe called Hauckbraten.

Secondly - and just last month - the potato casserole from breakfast at Akershus. Recipe was several places on line. Easy to follow. Made it for a breakfast potluck and that dish emptied way before the other casseroles. I thought it’d be way too cheesy but it was good.

That same grandniece loves the Mickey waffles. Might have to get her a waffle iron and some mix. She’s getting a bit difficult to buy for. :thinking:


Wish I could make Dole Whip…although I might not want to eat it if I knew what was actually in it.


You can buy the mix I think.


We quite often make the meat loaf from 50’s prime time and
the Ribs from Flame Tree BBQ. Our ribs turn out even more moist and ‘fall off the bone’
We love them both Yum

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I would love to make ooey gooey toffee cake but yellow cake mix is not a thing here and I have no idea what heath bars are, and then there’s the use of cups instead of weights for measurements, and different terms like confectioners sugar…

If anyone knows where I can find a UK friendly recipe, let me know! I suppose Amazon might sell cake mix and heath bars.

Heath bars are the same as Skor or Daim - toffee coated in chocolate.


Oh we have Daim bars! Thanks!

You don’t really need a yellow cake mix. In America, the boxed yellow cake mixes get their yellow color mostly from artificial coloring. But you can make yellow cake on your own (just not as yellow). Take any standard plain cake recipe you have, using butter as the source of fat (as opposed to shortening or oil, etc). Typically you use 3 large eggs, but you swap one of the eggs for two egg yolks instead (to make it more yellow). (That is to say, two eggs, PLUS two egg yolks.)

Confectioner’s sugar is just “icing sugar”, I believe, in the UK. It is finely sifted sugar mixed with a bit of corn starch, typically. AKA, powered sugar.

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So it’s sponge cake? That’s a surprise, it doesn’t taste like sponge cake. I was thinking caster sugar, thanks!

Maybe it will be easier than I thought.

Caster sugar is used in the cake itself. Confectioner’s sugar is typically used to make frosting/icing. A boxed yellow cake recipe would use granulated or caster sugar. (Technically, caster sugar is a little bit finer than granulated, but not as fine as confectioner’s/icing sugar, which is very powdery.)

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I wasn’t thinking that you wouldn’t need sugar for the cake since it’s a mix :woman_facepalming: We do called the powdered sugar icing sugar. I am definitely going to give it a go, though not at the moment as I’m still losing the Christmas weight!

Sorry…I’m being confusing. I was assuming that rather than make a boxed yellow cake, you would make a cake from scratch. If you have a boxed cake that is like a butter cake or something similar, then you can substitute the egg yolks for 1 egg thing, etc.

Generally speaking, while I’ll make boxed cakes because they are simple, cakes usually have a better texture if you make it from scratch is all.

No I’ve confused myself! Thanks for the help.

Mickey waffles! That mix is amazing and you can’t beat the shape of Mickey. They freeze well too. Our girls love when I overflow the pattern and have “crunchies” to pick off and nibble.


Where? MUST. HAVE.

So nobody has the Cronut recipe? I have looked online for it, but to no avail.

There are lots of recipes if you google. Disney Food Blog has got one.

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