Disney Dining Plan: Worth it?


My wife was watching a Disney vlogger who went into how they make the Disney Quick Service Dining Plan worth it. We’ll have to figure out if it is worth it to us using the tool.

But the short of it is that because of recent changes, they do the following:

  1. At meals, don’t get dessert, but instead get a beverage so that you don’t pay extra for a beverage, since usually you don’t want dessert with the quick service meal anyhow.
  2. Don’t use the plan for Breakfast, but instead, use one of your snack credits for Breakfast (since there are plenty of snack credit items that would be adequate for breakfast).
  3. Use your second snack credit for either a dessert or other snack later in the day when you want it.

Doing this, you could, in theory, use the QS Dining Plan to pay for ALL of your food for the entire trip if you were careful. Of course, once you start throwing in Table Service meals, it kind of undermines that somewhat, but if you don’t do too many, you can then swap out a breakfast “snack” for a QS breakfast and save your second snack for later as well, etc.


@missoverexcited @PrincipalTinker Thank you for the link!! I put in the meals we have planned for our trip in November, and it looks like the DDP is saving us over $1000! :astonished: We have a few QS meals that we’ll be paying OOP, but with all the character meals and such that we have scheduled, the plan is definitely worth it!
Thanks again!! :grin:


There is another aspect to “is it worth it?” Some people, well, namely, um, me… Are not always good about saving money. So the Disney dining plan gives a measure of safe feeling because your “Forced” (well, you know what I mean I hope) to come up with the money ahead of time in order to even pay for the trip. Whereas I’ve always been a little afraid, at least where I am right now organization wise, to plan on having the money available. Suddenly the trip would be kind of ruined, with no food or just penut and jelly only type food only. Does that make sense to anyone else or is it just me?