Disney Dining Plan: Worth it?


We eat a lot. I’m going to see now!


I have always found that the deluxe plan can save you a lot of money if you always eat an appetizer and a dessert ( I do).


I put down no dessert, and still came out with a savings on the deluxe plan, not as much. I’m only going to have one dessert a day, and DH and DD didn’t have dessert last year very often, so I don’t suppose they will this year, either. One time I had them order dessert (no sugar added creme brulee), so that I could take it with me to eat later. I may have alcohol once a day, too, as my health coach said that alcohol won’t spike my bg as much as I think it will. I’ll have to test that out, though.


Jiko used to have the most amazing no sugar added dessert. The good thing about signature meals is that there can be a dessert cheese plate.


Wow! That sounds marvelous! We are eating at Jiko’s this trip. I’m also allergic to tree nuts and peanuts, so that makes it harder.


Ok, it says we would spend $1917 but the dining plan would cost $2113. I don’t think it included alcohol, I’d expect to have maybe 10 drinks at meals across the 2 weeks, so that would probably bring us very close. Interesting!!


That’s how I am looking at it too.


As we ‘speak’ I am watching a vlog on Jiko by WDW couple. They are a very sweet and charming couple but the lady always orders steak, everywhere. I am totally fascinated by the way they hold their cutlery.


May I be rude and interupt with a question? The deluxe plan includes an alchohlic drink at each table service meal. If, for example, one ordered a gin and tonic, at say $15, a glass of wine, $20 and a whisky at $ 30, how would they decide which drink to include in the plan and which should be paid for OOP? Who decides that?
Also, sorry second question, if rather than order 3 glasses of wine ( not just for me, I will have guests ) one orders a bottle, will the alcohol dining credits be put towards the bottle?


I believe there’s a price limit and they’ll let you know which drinks you can order on the plan.


So do you tell the waiting person that you are on a ddp before you order?


They ask when they seat you.


Do you think that it ever makes a difference to how you are treated?


I noticed they used to whip the cocktail menu away but I suppose they won’t do that anymore :joy: There was the incident I referred to on the other thread where a server told me to make sure I left her a tip, but otherwise we didn’t notice anything unusual about the service.


Hmm…Maybe they would have said that if you were paying oop but maybe not.:confused:


I hope that you objected loudly!




It was just one person though, everyone else was lovely.


We were in WDW in June and I asked at every restaurant what was included with the DDP. IT varied from restaurant to restaurant. At Biergarten everything but the flights, and bottles of wine only glasses. AT Boma I was told any drink I wanted. What I did like was at the buffet I could have a beer and the still have a soda with my meals. Keep in mind that the drink is separate from the meal EX: boma was $60 each and the my drink was $12 so $72 plus tax so about $77 and the wait staff expects tip on $77 not the $64 the meal costs without the drink. So even though it is included with your meal you still get billed for it on your receipt. When I was home doing my pre calculations I figured tips on the $64 not the $77 so that through my tip money off a bit. This was not a big deal because I was given two $50 gift cards for not having maid service, which I was not expecting.


Good to know, I was just working on my budget a bit, so now I know I need to go back and re-calculate the tip amount accordingly.