Disney Dining Availability?

My 8 night stay at Kidani Village starts 4/15. I can start making dining reservations 2/14, and I plan to do that promptly around 2:45 AM California time.

I’d like to get some idea regarding which restaurants I might be able to reserve at which point in my trip. For example, I’d like to eat lunch at Space220 on 4/16, but I’m guessing that’s unlikely (is it?). I’d also like the Rose&Crown Harmonious package on 4/16, but again I don’t know how likely that is. If it’s impossible on 4/16, but is possible on 4/20, then I might try to change my overall strategy and make 4/20 be my late Epcot day and have 4/16 be my early Epcot day.

Is there some way I can find out how many days out the restaurant availability dries up? like does Cinderella’s Royal Table sell out 67 days out, while Teppan Edo sells out 61 days out? I have a party of 11, so trying to snag a cancellation isn’t realistic.
It’s easy to find availability up to 60 days from now, but is there any site that shows current restaurant availability for 61-70 days out?

Over 8 days, I’m hoping for:
Cinderella’s Royal Table
Be Our Guest
Space 220
Rose&Crown Harmonious Package
Enchantment Treats&Seats
Hollywood Brown Derby


Space220 is one that you’ll need to move. I’d say probably Day 5 or later, start with the latest date that would work for you.

Thanks, yeah, I figured Space 220 at 61 days felt unlikely.
Do you know about the others? Is there a way I can check myself?

Or, it seems some people have done “leading reservations”.
If I wanted to do that:

  1. I make a reservation today for my wife and me at the all-star music resort, checking in 4/6, checking out 4/23. That will mean that I simultaneously have a reservation at all-star music and at Kidani Village, but Disney’s system doesn’t care.
  2. Tomorrow morning (2/5), I make reservations for 4/16. For the 11 of us on 4/16, I might make a reservation for 6 (including me) and one for 5 (including my wife).
  3. On 2/6, I make reservations for 4/17, etc.
  4. On 2/23, I cancel my all-star music reservation, but all the dining reservations remain.

Is that how to do the leading reservation thing?

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Yes, if a reservation is available. Didnt do the math but make sure 2/23 puts you with in 60 day of last reservation, it should.

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Is 4/16 your first ADR? Oh yes I see it is.

yes. I check in to Kidani on 4/15, but have no ADR plans that day.

Yes you got the timeline right. Is there actually hotel availability this close to the travel date?


Wow that 's great! Yeah it’s a no brainer. Not just getting the restaurants you want, but getting a good time too.

yes, seems like a no-brainer, but I don’t like cheating. I consider myself an honest person, and this feels dishonest.
I know many people don’t like trying to plan 6 months ahead of time, but that felt more “fair”. Oh well.

Seems like the system only allows 14 night reservations, so I’d need to check out on 4/21.

What are your plans for the 22nd and 23rd ADR wise?

I understand. But Disney has always allowed room for people to get ahead of others that research and know some tricks/secrets. Just like the LL drop times. They know people do the leading reservations, but they allow it. (A real IT genius could make those ADR’s disappear with cancelation) Just don’t hoard too many that you don’t need! I’m with you on planning ahead as far as possible. Disney took most of that away. :cry:

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not sure, yet.
I should have written I check out on 4/22 (last night is 4/21).
So, I think reservations on 4/22 should be reserve-able on 2/11.
I think on 4/23 (day headed home) we might reserve Yak&Yeti. and I think that becomes reserve-able when the Kidani reservation applies on 2/14, so that will probably be available.

I pulled the trigger on the reservation.
I can’t yet reserve anything for my fake check-in date on 4/8. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long for the WDW system to start allowing me to make those ADRs. The google sheet written by someone else said “Do this a couple of days prior to when you plan to start booking your ADRs since there can be a lag in them becoming available after making the hotel reservation.” I’m hoping the “lag” is short.

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Y&Y should be easy enough to get at 60 days out.

60 days seems not super-likely, but I’ll be trying at 68 days (when my real Kidani reservation comes into play), and that seems very likely.

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Shouldn’t it be 4/6?

Right, I still think u could nab a Y&Y 60, but 60+8 even better.

yes, you’re right. I meant to do 4/6. but then as I was struggling with the 14 night limit, I guess I changed my check-in date. I did reserve 4/8, so I guess that means I can’t start making reservations until 2/7.

Well you will be 60+8 for each booking day now instead of 10. Shouldn’t be a biggie.

Yep 2/7. Maybe this was supposed to happen to give more lagging time!