Disney Bucket list - Resorts and more

Which resort(s) is/are on your bucket list and why?
I will soon be checking AKL off my list, I am trying to decide what to plan next.

I am thinking:

  1. POFQ - I love all things New Orleans and I never had Mickey beignets.

  2. Disneyland Anaheim (any resort) - I am particularly excited to visit Cars land.

  3. Disneyland Paris (any resort) - haven’t traveled internationally in a very long time, been to Paris once and loved it. Thinking I could take 10 days off and do Paris, DLP, and London on my way back.


It’s the 30th this year, so now is the time to go.

  1. Water view Yacht Club. That area in the mornings and evening are my favorite non-park spots.

  2. Shanghai Disney. Everything about that looks amazing

  3. Disney Tokyo Sea. Looks amazing. Wish we could have that here


Or the time to avoid it… :wink:
If you go, trip report s’il vous plait .


I’m going in September.


Fantastic! What’s next for you after that?

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I literally have an excel sheet for this. Lol

I’ll just put some:

  1. ABD (I have a few I’m seriously interested in and I’ve booked Japan. After that South Africa and Antartica are high on my list but though I’ve been, I’ve promised DD14 an Italy trip so probably do the Southern Italy and Amalfi Coast for her bucket list first)
  2. Tokyo Disney specifically Mira Costa resort and this I’m booking as soon as I can after our next year ABD Japan
  3. Disney Paris in a park view club room at the Disneyland Hotel (will book this at the end of the Italy trip hopefully 2024)
  4. Disney Wish which we’re going in Aug
  5. SWGE which is in 16 days.
  6. Aulani which I’m gonna tack on after Japan
  7. In WDW, Poly Bungalow, Cascade Cabin, Fort Wilderness Cabin, Grand Floridian, Port Orleans Riverside Princess Room
  8. In Disneyland a fancy Disneyland Hotel suite for one night like the Pirates or Adventureland one.

Oh and the why. I’ve done both Disneys in China and both in America so obviously have to do Japan and Paris. The Disney Dream was my favorite cruise ever and probably the only one I really fully enjoyed so I’m super excited about the Wish. I’ve been to WDW and DLR so many times I’m starting to have fancier desires in those parks even if just for a night to check out the super fancy places I’ve only dreamt of.


These might not live up to the hype… I think they are tired and need some updates.

Didn’t they update them a few years ago? Like they had the better trundle bed in the living room and for some reason they went to a sleeper sofa? Wasn’t that just like 3-4 years ago or was it more now?

I really liked our half day trip there for the arrows and horses. I’d like to just do a laid back trip once where we spend a few days just hanging around there. I found it gorgeous (the grounds). We could rent an RV too I suppose but that seems more hassle than the cabin? I don’t know when I’ll make it there I have so much on my list anyway! Lol. I forgot Riviera is also on my bucket list.


I was just thinking of a cabin compared to your other wish list resorts. I was unaware of the change from Murphy to pull out sleeper (Yuk). I’m glad you had a nice time there, our family felt crowded b/c the one bedroom is a queen w/ a double-on-the-bottom bunk bed and there’s only one bathroom for how many ppl it will sleep. Loved the peaceful woodsie aspect of the cabin area though.

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Yes the one bathroom is an issue. And yes that resort is on my list more for Fort Wilderness itself than my other fancy choices which are about the rooms and would probably end up being like a night tacked onto the end of a cheaper stay! Also DS17 goes to college in the fall and DD14 will be a sophomore. So by the time I make it there it might just be DH and me or I’ll get them their own cabin (or a tent lol)!

This upcoming trip I’ve already booked DS17 and his friend 18 their own room. The one with DD14 almost 15 this week and her friend in August I got them their own room at Vero Beach but I couldn’t do that on the cruise ship unfortunately so we do have to share a bathroom there but at least it’s split. One bathroom is becoming a non starter for me. Lol.


Whoa, impressive list! This thread will make my bucket list grow exponentially. I am at beginners level.

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Oh yeah, I want to stay there someday too. It’s just hard now because most of my vacation is restricted to Summer. I am thinking cabins might be better for Fall/Winter? Not sure

I 100% agree with that statement. I’d go so far as to say winter. Christmas time would be ideal. They do special Christmas sleigh rides I think or something like that. Even Oct can be hot so I’d do it Nov-feb most likely.

And yup for me kids are almost out of high school where they send death threats if you take them out of school for a cheaper and less crowded vacation so more and date options will open to us. Colleges get out pretty early in Dec which might be a good time when we get them both in there at the same time.

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The “cabins” aren’t deluxe but there is a nice deck with picnic table. We brought lights to string around the railings. There is only one bathroom - we posted a shower sign up sheet - mostly as a joke - but there is a full kitchen with a huge fridge (after the coolers of the hotel rooms!) with freezer for ice cream.

If you can bring your own bikes Fort Wilderness is a paradise.

One trip we had a campsite and a cabin booked. Requested to be near each other. The back of the campsite pad was against the back of the cabin’s lot.


POR Royal Room
CR Main Tower theme park view
Any club level room
DL Hotel
Grand Californian Hotel

I’m just too cheap to book them!


The only resort I have left on my bucket list is the Contemporary main bldg. I want to stay in an Incredible themed room, but I WILL NOT pay those prices to stay even one night.

ETA: I wouldn’t mind staying in a Cascade Cabin at WL, oh and I always wanted to stay in a Tree house… they are easily affordable w/ points


Maybe I can make it a quick weekend getaway in early December or something. I have never really visited to see the Christmas decorations.

(I did 1 park day on 12/31 in 2007, with no planning, and we were miserable the whole time. So this one doesn’t count.)

See I can put em in a tent! They are young and hardy and done it before in the Grand Canyon so know how. ;-). Good to know you can request that because I would give them that option. They might find it fun.


Grand Flo because it’s Grand Flo/iconic
POFQ because it’s so quaint
WL at Christmas because that’s just amazing

After September I will have checked off two more never-stayeds and what is left are these:
Grand Flo
Bay Lake
Wilderness Lodge
Yacht Club
Caribbean Beach
Both Port Orleans

Heck I’m doing better than I thought!