Disney Annual Pass

I understand that you currently cannot purchase an annual pass. Any thoughts on whether they will increase or decrease the price or possibly do away with annual passes? I know there was a price increase in February 2020 but I don’t know how often the price for annual passes get increased.

Every year / annually. They’ll never go down in price. I worked in the theme park industry. We always had a saying - “Disney doesn’t discount”

Nor do I foresee these going away. These sales drive the local business.

Well not quite. They increased it big time in June 2019 - 2 weeks before I was buying one :grimacing:

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Thank you. I’ll edit to “annually” :smirk:

You can now buy APs through the DVC site if you are a DVC member.

You were able to do so? I’m still getting redirected to the opening safely with new measures page.

well… I didn’t buy anything yet so I can’t say if the link is just a tease, but. I the link was new. I’m waiting to see about getting APs for DS/H… we let their expire. I still have mine though.

At this point I’m personally expecting another large increase to help cover all of the additional costs and losses this year. I pasted a table below with the last 20 years of increases for reference.

The last few were pretty painful which led me to create a spreadsheet to figure out how much I might save by buying and banking a bunch of APs now for use in later years.

Last week while playing around I noticed you could still buy APs on the .eu site - but a Liner on chat said that…

“UK AP and US AP are not the same codes so you have to buy a US AP if in the US”

I had never heard of different “codes” before, so I asked if they knew what would happen but didn’t get a response so am not sure what the risk might be. In any case maybe they’ll open up again on the US site at some point.

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If you’re referring to the “purchase online” link, it’s been there for as long as I’ve been checking. It does not actually let you purchase online.

hmmm… sorry for the midlead then :grimacing: I was looking for DH/S and I’ll keep looking. As soon as the ticket office opens at Shades of Green I’ll check there too since they are cheaper than DVC prices.

I’ve been checking every day, multiple times a day! I’m hoping it happens soon.

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I assume you called DVC or chatted and asked?

I’ve done both, though neither this week. As of last week there was no indication of when they would be available. I’m working and homeschooling, otherwise I’d be on the phone bugging them everyday!!

hahaha… I should be working too :wink: DS graduated from HS (homeschooled sr. yr finish curriculum Mar.3). I’d love to call but I’ve got too much work work right now before PTO

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We just started back to school today. I’m almost 25 weeks pregnant, so I figured if I want to finish 1st semester before the baby comes, we’ve got to get after it!!! Homeschool teachers need maternity leave too!



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I was going to buy one the next day. Decided not to at that price.

I was committed to it by then, although I did think hard at the time (extra hit since I‘m Canadian and the $$ sucks). It panned out - definitely got the money’s worth out of it and have thus far been able to use it for 21 park days (3 trips) Still waiting to use it for the last planned 7 day trip. (Was supposed to be in April - rescheduled for September🤞)

Ouch June 2019

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Right after they slapped us with 2 increases the year before!

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